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baked rigatoni pasta recipeWho doesn't love foods? I guess I am right in shouting “everybody does!”. I love foods so much, although I may not look like it. I even wished I were a chef, just because I really love eating, so I'd like to experiment on recipes if I were a chef (although I still could do it even if I am not).

If you happen to share the same liking, you can try visit FoodConnect to share to every member and visitor in the site all the foods you love. This is the Facebook for foodies. You can submit your own recipes online so the world can try it too, plus every recipe you submit you can have it analyzed for nutritional value, and that's for free. You can also discuss recipe ideas and techniques with other foodies, plan your meal and print for your convenience your shopping lists, or create the perfect dinner party!

God, the foods are really tempting they got me almost drooling. And while I was scanning for some delicious treats, I guess of all the foods showcased there, what I loved to taste first is this baked rigatoni (in the picture). My love for pastas is so profound, that is why. But really, I wouldn't mind tasting (or doing) the recipes therein. They're just so tempting!

So if you have list of some great recipes kept in the shelves, why not share them at FoodConnect? Tell the world how good you are when it comes to recipes and try other members' recipes yourself. And this site also features wine and drinks, too!

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joanjoyce said...

speaking of facebook, may facebook ka ba? add mo ko ha ;)

Zang Caesar said...

@ joanjoyce - meron, kaya lang di ko na maalaala account ko dun. di ko kasi type. di na ako nagfefrenster eh

chase / chubz said...

ako rin. i wished i was a chef..
but im very keen with the stuff in the kitchen. especially my stuff.

so first things first.. get my own kitchen

Roselle said...

hi there! just visiting you again :) tc!

Zang said...

@ chase - gusto ko talaga maging chef! gusto ko kasi kain ng kain. la kasing maraming pagkain aa hapag namin. haha

@ roselle - thanks for visiting

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