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plagiarismThis Feedjit's Live Traffic Feed has done so many good to me and my blog; it is really a must-have widget for many reasons. First, for its primary and essential purpose—the traffic tracing. Second, it lets you know who may have been searching for your name online like someone did for my name, and third, it lets you check back to the referrer sites, whatever (or wherever) they are.

And when I checked back to my referrer tonight about the visitor who searched for a post about Manila Ocean Park, I got a smile at once on my face as I was taken to the Google's first SERP (1-10 results), although I have to click the 'next' button as by that time my post about Manila Ocean Park has been on the second page already (well that's really normal, as these results show swings, especially if your site's not really that SEO-ish).

But it alarmed and surprised me as immediately as I had that smile when on the bottom results of the second page, I found another Manila Ocean Park post with exactly the same title as mine, and with the opening words still exactly like mine. Verbatim--or word for word--even, when I visited the link at last.

Go open my Manila Ocean Park post and this girl's, Marita, post found here, or as pictured below. Now what say you?

plagiarism marita
Would you be flattered if this happened to you? I would if she did a link back, and had not claimed the article as her work by placing her name, but it's the other way around. She stole my content, all of it, verbatim! I tried leaving a comment at that particular post only to know that I need to sign up first at Multiply for my comment be posted.

Whoever the heck are you, Marita, please pay respect to the original author of what you post! At least if you claim it you could have just rephrased it, substituted the words with synonyms, altered the composition and added some content. You're not a responsible writer!

To the bloggers who read this post who also happens to be registered in Multiply already, I hope you can leave her a comment about her plagiarism.

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Anonymous said...

First this is first, I would not link to the site or the page in question as you are only helping them rise in the search engine results. Search engines can not distinguish between "good" and "bad" links so you're doing them a service by having the hyperlink there.

Second, I am sorry to hear that this has happened to you but the matter is relatively easy to handle. All one has to do is file a DMCA notice with Multiply.The email address for that is support at multiply dot com.

You can use the stock letters on my site if you wish and, if you want, you can email me and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

No matter what you decide, I wish you the best of luck with this!

joanjoyce said...

zang i left her a message

cigarette-girl said...

they did say imitation is the best form of flattery.

but that sucks!

dailyphotographer said...

it's never flattering for someone to copy your work verbatim, even if they link back. I mean, they could've just written a related article and site you as their source. but to copy verbatim, that's just foolish

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel Zang. It happened to me about two months ago, but mine was much worse. He(or she) copied one whole article verbatim and, listen to this, antedated his article to make it appear that mine is the fake one!!!! Grrr!

I reported the site to Blogger. That's all i could do. I don't even know his name since he used a pseudonym.

t3ss4 said...

I'm sorry to hear that zang. I have also encountered something like that. in friendster (this was like a year ago or two), I found out that someone was actually using my photo as his/her primary photo. I couldn't view the whole profile because it was restricted... I was or make that I am really furious about what happened. I really wanna kick his/her *ss, but just couldn't. so just informed my friends on my list that a fake one is running a loose. my boyfriend thinks that I must have been flattered... but geeeeez! I just felt sooo exploited.

mc_khoii said...

That's so sad. Well, celebrate still because we know that we are the original ones! more creative.. very talented. Cheeers!

Anonymous said...

Something happened to me with my post about Ramielle Malubay. He even used the photos with my logo in it.

The worse thing is, his site is the first on the list when I search for "the filipino spirit and american idol" >.<

I really am furious!

Zang Caesar said...

@ jonathan - how will my readers verify that that particular site is really copying my content if i don't link to her?

@ joanjoyce - thanks, ate. i hope she'd learned from this

@ cigarette-girl - it really sucks

@ dailyphotographer - linking back it at least paying respect to the original writer

@ monaco - that's even worse than my case. and how did it go? was he/she/it banned or what?

@ tessa - yes, i think you already told me about that... flattery, flattery, flattery... ugh.

@ mckhoii - yes, that should be the spirit

@ anonymous - i guess his site is more SEO-ish than yours

Anonymous said...

You can use any method you wish that does not produce a clickable link including just pasting the URL as text or even using the "nofollow" tag on the link.

Personally, I would recommend the first since all search engines recognize that but only Google obeys nofollow.

Hope that helps!

Zang said...

ah ok... brilliant idea! thanks for that. i will dofollow you and nofollow her. hehe

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