Where to now, nurses?

nurses at work“I do not want to work as a nurse yet.”

This is what I always reply during interviews whenever I apply for work that is not Nursing-related. Heck, if you’re planning to work as a nurse in the Philippines you still need to undergo trainings, with which you’ll be the one to pay the hospital, instead of the hospital paying you. That sucks, doesn’t it? And even when you’re already a regular employee, you don’t get compensated very well.

That’s why my friends and I ventured into applying for some jobs. While most Filipinos perceive Nursing as a great escape from poverty to financial wealth by working abroad, we say “we’re not in a hurry.”

Even before the result for the December 2007 Nursing board exam was out, my friends and I applied in some agencies and companies that’s not necessarily related to our course. The first one that I applied for was in People Support, a call center agency, but I messed up during the final interview (I passed the initial interview and exam). Oh I guess they really don’t want nurses in their company lest they will just resign after a few months.

After passing another call center interview (and I already took their exam), we have also looked into the matter on medical transcriptionist. At least this is related to our course, and I enjoyed listening to a recorded doctor’s order and transcribing it. The sad thing is that we need to enroll first for 3 months. My golly, I thought we’d already be hired as we’re registered nurses already! And for that three-month schooling, we need to pay 17,500. I guess my pocket that time protested…

So now I am still officially unemployed, and I am quite confused what to take for a job. Following are the potential jobs for me in the country, their advantages and disadvantages, and after reading them through, perhaps, you can help me decide which one to take.

Adv: my field of study
Disadv: tiresome, with insufficient compensation

Adv: enhances my speaking and listening skills to foreign language, a good training for the IELTS exam for nurses, pays good
Disadv: mostly graveyard shifts, very stressful, not course-related

Adv: course-related, enhances listening skills for doctor’s order, good training for IELTS, pays very good
Disadv: does not enhance my Nursing and caring skills, needs to study (school) first for three months

Err.. I am confused. So where to now, nurses? Where are we going? I’m bored of this unemployed life already…

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joanjoyce said...

you know what confuses me? everybody wants to be a nurse this days and you don't like to work as one ATM.

But getting paid or not what matters is your passion. If its with nursing, money aint to be a big deal but if not, ano ba talaga aaaahTEH? :D

Zang Caesar said...

hahaha... bahala na si batman, ate. LOL. di ba nga sabi ko sa iyo, kahit di na ako magabroad, bahala ng dito ako magtatrabaho basta maraming salapi. LOL

joanjoyce said...

sabagay sa dami ng raket mo baka ikaw na magpagawa ng hospital jan :P

chase / chubz said...

i previously worked in people support here in cebu.. kaya pala walang nursing grad ang batch namin.

i noticed in convergys na mostly nursing grad ang ka batch namin..
why not try in that company..
kaya lng super mahirap ang account. nakakamatay. ahihihi.

anyway, gudluck!

Zang said...

@ joanjoyce - kung marami man ako pera tsaka may planong magpagawa ng building, ex na ang hospital dun. haha

@ chase/chubz - strikto talaga ang PS. mantakin mo't sa final interview ko pinaikot-ikot ako bout my nursing career. ang dami tanong, sarap na ngang sigawan xa na "AYOKO NGA MUNANG MAGNURSE! PUNYETA!". Hahaha...

kung convergys kasi, ipapadala ako cebu. davao kasi ako, la silang working center dito. tsaka gusto ko kasi dito lang muna ako malapit sa amin

Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Zang...

Just doing some hopping here...hope you're having a great weekend.


chase / chubz said...

uu nga noh..
20 minutes nga yung final interview ko sa PS.. hehehe

meron na palang PS sa davao?
yung ka batch ko kc. most of them from davao. gi-relocate lang sila coz recruitment center lang daw sa PS sa davao. hmm

Zang said...

@ ate j - thanks for dropping by ate j!

@ chase - wala pang PS sa Davao. recruitment center lang. kaya nga ayoko na mag-apply uli PS kasi gusto ko yung dito lang sa Davao para di malayo

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