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I am quite disappointed at how UnionBank's Customer Service (online) is not in “union” with its company. I had this idea that this damn customer service of theirs is by one of the many call centers sprouting left and right. But here's the thing, anyway.

I lost my Eon CyberAccount card a week or two ago (actually it was stolen, silly thief, as if he can access my account!), and right there and then I informed UnionBank online about the matter, and they responded the next day. Most amazingly. I furthered on through emails about what might be required of me to get a new card. Here's what the email said:

Good Day!

We have already tagged your card as lost effective today, 12:33PM.
To process the replacement of your ATM, please present 2 valid ids and fill up a notification of loss form which is available in your maintaining branch and our personnel will be glad to assist you. Kindly take note that a card replacement fee of P150.00 shall be charged to your account.

Should you have other concerns, please feel free to e-mail us.

Best Regards,
UnionBank Customer Service

To my dismay, it appeared that what they were informing me is partly true, because as I talked to the female attendant in the desk at UnionBank Victoria Branch (Davao), she said I only need to present an affidavit of loss and pay the 150-peso replacement fee. Now, look again at the email. What's right in it is only the 150-peso fee and the personal appearance. How could they have forgotten such a very important requirement as an Affidavit of Loss? So here's what I replied tonight to their email:


I always appreciate UnionBank's customer service's prompt response to my queries, however, I am quite disappointed that what clearly was stated in one of your responses (shown below) does not mirror perfectly to the ones that are actually required to take action as for the replacement of a lost Eon card.

This afternoon I went to my maintaining branch only to know that only Affidavit of Loss plus the 150-peso replacement fee is what it takes to complete for the replacement process. I made mention to her, the lady attendant in the desk, that what I got in the email of the Customer Service did not at all mention an affidavit of loss but the two valid ID's, the personal appearance and the fee. She replied that those are only for first-time applicants, or for new accounts, and not exactly for the replacement of card.

I am from another city which does not have any UnionBank branch as of the moment, and I believe that is not my fault. All the more I have put my faith in UnionBank even when it is an hour and a half drive away from our city. Imagine what hassle could it have caused for someone who made effort to travel just so to comply with a banking business and only to find out that what he thought would be enough to get the replacement process initiated is sadly not enough.

Simply put, I am misinformed and I am quite confused why a very important thing as an Affidavit of Loss have been missed to inform a customer, when in fact this is Customer Service. I don't know if there hasn't been a strong "union" between the bank and those who run the Customer Service.

Nonetheless, I still have to pursue on this banking matter of mine as I need the account very much. It's just that I hope that this won't happen to any customer in the future and that any Customer Service should be in strong connection with its company so as not to lead customers into believing bluffs and whatnots.

Yours truly,
Caesar G. Balatero
So now that I'm f**ked off, I have to visit them again one day with the proper documents on. I know it could have been wiser if I called the branch first but who would have thought that the information given straight from the customer service would be oh so wrong? Dammit!

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joanjoyce said...

up to now wala pa din EON ko :(

cguro sana dinala mo na lng lahat ng cnabi ng online at ng attendant para di na pabalik balik hehehe..

Prudence said...

I can relate to what you've said. The first time I applied for an EON card, the online details told me that I need to bring online 1 valid I.D., as listed on the site. When I got to the branch where I applied to get the card, I was told that I need to bring 2 valid IDs, which was unfortunate since all other IDs I've brought aren't going to be accepted. So, yes, I did make two trips just to get my card, which could have been easily avoided if they've only updated their website as to the new requirements regarding claiming EON cards.

Zang Caesar said...

@ joanjoyce - hindi ko pa kasi nakausap ung attendant until i went to my maintaining branch.. saklap...

@ prudence - they really are not updated, their online thingy! i really suspect that their customer service is of a call center. of course, that's the trend now.. i will just wait what will the customer service will have to reply to my email. i hope i didn't sound offensive in it, because I really didn't want to.

Ang Kuwago said...

I wonder what we can do such that these huge companies finally recognize that they need to shape up? It never is enough for them to just receive an email or a call from an irate customer. It really is frustrating how they never seem to listen to us "small" people...

Zang Caesar said...

@ kuwago - i hope they will realize and consider their "small" customers' complaints because after all it is from their customers, whether bigtime or not, that their business grows.

Anonymous said...

my case is worse. I applied for an Eon account last dec 22, 2007 and up to now I haven't received the card yet!!! your posy inspired me to write about my situation as well.

t3ss4 said...

hi there zang. dugay na dyud ko wala kabalik diri sa imong blog. bago pa man gud mi namalhin ug balay wala pay phone.

anyway, thank you for bringing this matter up here in your blog. as soon as I've read your entry from Joan Joyce's commentluv, I immediately visited your blog. this concerns me too since my boyfriend is going to apply for an Eon card... I don't want something like that to happen to him.

it's a good thing that you emailed them. I just hope that they will take this concern seriously 'coz if they don't it'll affect a lot of applicants and customers.

Zang Caesar said...

@ monaco - you can email their customer service to check your card. i guess your card is already in the branch you chose to pick up the card from during ur application. i got my own Eon card 7 days after applying

@ tessa - hehe.. namalhin diay mo house? asa pud dapit? tell your boyfriend to apply now for the card. it's going to be really useful for us bloggers.

t3ss4 said...

Uu namalhin. diri sa buhangin dapit :D Adto ka? :D hehe.

Yah... sinabihan ko na siya about this entry. I think he read it himself na :) Wa pa man koi alam anang Eon card ui :D

Zang said...

san banda sa Buhangin? hehe.. marami ako alam bout Eon. panong hindi eh ang dami ko ng personal experience bout it. hehe

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