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snapbombWe all know that there are millions of blogs that bloom each day. And the number of advertisers online are also booming. So here come the various mediators between the advertisers and the publishers (us, bloggers)—the paid posting sites, or the review-and-get-paid sites.

Snapbomb is another make money online site by way of paid reviews. I have signed myself up just tonight and I found the site very interesting.

When you add a blog, it will calculate how much its base value no matter what you are writing, which will determine what you will earn for each opportunity available for you. For example, this blog's base value ranges from $6.45 – $25.80, meaning the payment that you will get for your every post opportunity is on that range, actually the bottom range. So in my case, it's going to be $6.45. Not bad, eh? But don't fret, as this value will increase in time depending on the re-evaluation.

When you write a review for an advertiser's product or service, you get to have only 12 hours to comply to it. Time is gold, so they say. Yet time-wise, this is two times better than Google's ultimate paid-posting site enemy.

Snapbomb is still in its infancy stage though, as there hasn't been too many advertisers yet to entice publishers to jump into it. But in time, I expect, advertisers will be flocking in this wonderful site.

If you're up to doing sponsored posts, then it's time you sign-up to Snapbomb and get your revenue exploding positively. There is no referral system as yet so I'll just have to whine a little if I will know that I have driven a lot of newcomers to the site with this post. Oh I how I hope and wish they will give incentives.

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The Wifey Diaries said...

Hi there! Signed up as well. It's just amazing. Here's hoping to earn more!

Zang Caesar said...

that's so nice! well yeah. we're all looking forward to seeing more opportunities and earning more. another way to make money!

Anonymous said...

I just signed up myself. good luck to both of us!

t3ss4 said...

hi there zang. what a nice site ^__^ thanks for sharing. just signed up too :) good luck sa ato :)

Zang Caesar said...

@ monaco - let's hope for more opps in that site. btw, how much is your base pay?

@ tessa - yeah, goodluck sa ato. hehehe

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