Sell and Rent Back

house cartoon clip-artAre you having debts to pay, releasing equity, or emigrating? Why not consider a sell and rent back arrangement for your house or flat? In this process you will have to sell your property to an estate agency or company which will take care of your sold house and you will rent to live in it.

Why sell your own home and then rent to live in it? It sounds stupid, doesn't it?

Yes, it may sound stupid, but imagine you are needing a fast cash, a great deal of cash at once. You can send sell your home for a really big price and live in it renting, as renting won't take from you a large amount of cash in a flash. It's a slow process. That's why many homeowners consider this sell and rent back business for reasons stated above, and including divorce settlement or pending evictions. Estate agencies can even stop repossession or evictions and will assist you manage mortgage arrears and balances. However, you can also consider a quick house sale, meaning without a rent back, if you don't intend to live in your house any longer.

But be warned. You need to choose a good estate agency, something that strongly believes you deserve better than being used to your disadvantage, as there are many agencies that only look to protect their commissions and carefully craft the information made public to have their best interests at heart and not yours. That is why you should be guided about selling property, and as stated by you need to learn on these items:
  • how to sell your house for the highest possible price
  • how to find the best Estate Agents for your sale
  • how to find the UK's best value conveyancing solicitors
  • how to quickly find the cheapest mortgage & remortgage quotes
  • how to sell privatelyand save £1,000's
  • how to sell property fast for cash
  • how to cut £1,000's off the cost of moving house
So if you plan of selling your homes, think about it wisely...

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