Pearly shell, pearly gulf

mermaid in a shell figurineDo you remember those mermaids enclosed in big clam shells as far as your childish thinking is concerned, who dazzle you with their graceful dances as they come out of the shell, creating bubbles as they do so? Oh it's all thanks to Hans Christian Andersen for coming up such fabulous creature that I even thought mermaids do really come from those big clams!

We always thought a mollusk like the oysters can give us only pearls. But what if it can give us diamonds too? Or other precious stones? Or charcoal? Or carrots maybe? Ha ha. This sounds funny but who knows? With the modern technology to aid us in scientific researches, one day we will be all surprised about what other things we can benefit from the oysters as much as we were surprised when it is a potential aphrodisiac.

And yes, with modern technology, scientific findings reveal that some oysters, especially Gulf oysters, carry some harmful bacteria in them, which can cause death at a given time or in an instant when ingested, depending on a victim's physiological response. The bacteria is called Vibrio vulnificus which are naturally a habitant in the aquatic environment. They are particularly at their highest levels in oysters and in Gulf Coast waters (that which borders the Gulf of Mexico—Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas).

You have to be cautious of the oysters that you are eating, especially when they are raw and when you know that they were harvested from the waters in the places mentioned above. Be oyster aware to protect yourself from these deadly bacteria, and so you can continue remembering those fond childhood memories about mermaids and mollusks of yours.

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