A New Earth Is Dawning... In You

happy smiling earthHow do you plan of living your life now free of unnecessary suffering, of imposing this very same suffering on others? Or have your ever had such plan at all? How would you bring forth the presence of awareness that you really are into the window of your consciousness and change the consciousness of the mass as far as planet earth is concerned? Did you know you can create a new earth? I'll tell you how...

Have you ever heard of The Sedona Method? Created in the early 70's, The Sedona Method teaches hundreds to thousands of people worldwide to continue spreading happiness, peace and well-being to each and every continent, so as to foster unity.

The Method is about releasing limiting emotions that are holding you back by asking some simple questions, and the first step to release them is to acknowledge yourself, as Hale Dwoskin, one of original Secret teacher, explains. “Once you recognize that the feeling is just a feeling, it is not a fact and it is not you, it becomes easy to let it go. As you naturally let go and disengage with your stories you’ll feel like you are free to allow them to dissolve,” he furthered.

So how is The Sedona Method the technique for a new earth? Basically, this is grounded on the idea that you yourself can create a new earth by letting go of your unhappy thoughts, and delight all the more in the remaining happy memories. And when these are shared to the people around you, you radiate happiness. It's about ego consciousness, and how this consciousness of lack and limitation has influenced the thinking minds of this planet and produced both individual and mass turmoil for millennia.

To understand fully of The Sedona Method, I suggest you visit their site so that starting from now on, it will be easier for you to create a new earth. You can even get a free CD and DVD at their site.

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