Mindcracking Monday Monster Big Winner

First, I must apologize for this late announcement of the winner. However, I am quite certain that I added some tense and excitement to those who participated in our weekly contest.

Because the last two weeks' logic quiz in my episodic Mindcracking Monday Monster weren't answered correctly, the Entrecard credit prize has now amounted to 1,150 (not only 1,100), and it is with great joy (and yes, relief) that somebody has finally got it right, owing to the instructions of the quiz. So who is the lucky one?

Oh let us prolong the thrill. I will announce first the winner of the raffle, who will be awarded 300 Entrecard credits, plus another 50 credits when he/she will post in a blog about his/her winning, linking back to this site or any of the Mindcracking Monday Monster posts (preferably the one that he/she won).

These were the entries to the raffle, with their entry number (according the order of dates they posted their answer as comment).

#1. Heidi (02.26.08)
#2. Heidi (03.04.08)
#3. 1 Million in 365 Days (03.11.08)
#4. Wess Stewart (03.12.08)
#5. Anna (03.13.08)
#6. Anna (03.13.08)
#7. Heidi (03.13.08)
#8. Heidi (03.13.08)
#9. Heidi (03.13.08)
#10. Heidi (03.13.08) – invalid as same answer was already given on 02.26.08

So with the aid of Random.org, I have drawn one integer from 1 – 9 to determine our raffle winner...random org integer generator
Entry #3 won, so 1 Million in 365 Days won the 300 Entrecard credits! (plus 50 credits when he writes a blog post about this)

And as for the big 750 Entrecard credits (plus 50 credits when you post your winning of this contest to your blog, whoever you are), the one who answered it correctly is Anna (see her answer here) with the answer:

(in digit form)

(in words)
three hundred twenty trillion, five hundred thirty billion, nine hundred fourteen million, six hundred fifty thousand, seven hundred eighty

>Heidi actually got the right answer first, but because she only entered the answer in digit form and with no accompanying answer in words, it wasn't valid. So please read the instructions very carefully.

That's it. Congratulations to the winners! Don't forget to drop by here on Monday for another Mindcracking Monday Monster. And to Anna, I would require you to send me your 125 x 125 image ad so I will put it in my sidebar until it's replaced on a rotation basis (three ad images at most).

Thank you guys for playing MMM. And about the picture above, I have always thought of Entrecard credits as gold coins, that's why...

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