Mindcracking Monday Monster #5: You want 1,100 EC credits, don't you?

Yes, it's Monday again, and although it's nearly hitting midnight (that is to say, bound for Tuesday), it's still Monday nonetheless. Do I make sense? I guess so, but if not, then I'll redeem myself by giving you a whooping 1,100 EC credits this time, right now!


Every Monday I hold this Mindcracking Monday Monster (MMM) quiz, and I give 250 Entrecard credits to the first one who correctly answers the logic quiz, and another 100 Entrecard credits for the raffle to give those who tried and yet gave the wrong answer a chance to win credits too. Week 3's MMM might be a tough one, as the correct answer wasn't guessed, so by Week 4, I added clues to make the quiz easier, and I guess it was indeed easier as the correct answer was nearly given. But still, it was wrong: it's lacking something.

So because each week we'll be giving away 250 EC credits plus the 100 for the raffle, and since the last two weeks' quiz hadn't been answered correctly, the prize now amounts to 750 EC credits for the first one who will finally correctly answer last last week's number logic quiz. And 300 EC credits, for the lucky one who will win the raffle. It should be known that the raffle is only held once the correct answer has been given, and anyone who submitted their answers, whether right or wrong, is qualified for the raffle. So that only means that aside from the 750 EC credits that you can win, another 300 EC credits is also for you if you're that lucky. Oh that happened to Gautam Hans (get your prize now boy, it's waiting for you here): he won main prize (having guessed the right answer) and the raffle. And assuming you won, you will get an additional 50 credits when you post to your blog your winning of this contest, just like Heidi of ShopDogDiaries. That's a whooping 1,100 credits all in all that's up for grabs. And that's not all, your 125 x 125 image ad will be displayed on my sidebar until new sets of winners are determined.

Answer this quiz now and be nimble and quick, be the first one to answer it right...

(Note: All entries/attempts/answers that we're given by our participants in Week 3 and 4 are still eligible for the raffle. Please follow instructions carefully.)

Don't forget to subscribe (email/RSS) to this blog to be alerted of MMM's release to be the first one to give the right answer.

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1 Million in 365 Days said...

If I am not mistaken your number should definitely be something like what I wrote below due to rules number #7, #9, #10

So the rule #3 with the 4 zeros in the last blanks before the comas can't be fulfilled...

Zang Caesar said...

actually, you got it very wrong. please read the instructions and clues very carefully. thank you for your participation. your name will be included in the raffle

Anna said...

The answer is either
or 320,530,941,650,780

It could be any of these two, as we are not given any other clue about the 1 and 4 except that one is three digits greater than the other (but we can't find out their order).

I've spent about 20 minutes on this one... please tell me that I've won! :)

Zang said...

hi anna. thanks for answering! i'm not telling yet whether you're right or wrong, but if you really wanna win, please go to Week 3's MMM and see the FULL instructions there on how to enter your answer

Anna said...

In digit form:

(that's three hundred twenty trillion, five hundred thirty billion, nine hundred fourteen million, six hundred fifty thousand, seven hundred eighty)


(three hundred twenty trillion, five hundred thirty billion, nine hundred forty-one million, six hundred fifty thousand, seven hundred eighty)

Putting these in words was almost as hard as solving the riddle!

I hope I got them right (if not, I'll blame it on my English being a second language).

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heidi said...


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heidi said...


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