Mindcracking Monday Monster #4: Prize Mounting

It's another Monday; it's time to slay another Mindcracking Monday Monster again! In case you forgot, MMM is a logic quiz that calls you to play by numbers, baby.

Usually, 250 Entrecard credits is to be given away to the one who answers this one first, and another 100 Entrecard credits to whoever wins the raffle, and the entries to this raffle are no other than those who participates in this quiz, by way of their posted-as-comment attempts to give the answer, whether right or wrong. But since last week's Mindcracking Monday Monster wasn't killed with the correct answer, I am re-laying the same logic quiz but this time the prizes are doubled: 500 Entrecard credits for the one who gets the answer right, and 200 EC credits for the raffle winner.

Are you ready to slay this Monday's number monster? Put on your thinking caps, and head on back to last Monday's MMM (#3). I made the clues easier for you to get the answer right.

(Wrong answers for last week will still be eligible for the raffle).

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heidi said...

based on the addition of clue #3, I come up with 320,530,914,650,780.00 EXCEPT now clue #7 is false and there is no definitive as to the correct order of the 2nd & 3rd from the right (could be 8,7) or the 7th & 8th from the right (could be 4,1)

Zang Caesar said...

hi heidi. thanks for being such a fan of this contest. if you think you're not sure with your final answer you can again enter another attempt. you not only increase your chance of winning the 500 ec but also for the raffle.

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