Manny Pacquiao finishes business with Juan Manuel Marquez

pacquiao marquez fight in 2007LAS VEGAS—Manny Pacquiao finished his rematch over Juan Manuel Marquez in a sensational fight that left them battered and bleeding through a split decision by judges Duane Ford, Jerry Roth and Tom Miller.

At the fateful last bell on Saturday night, Pacquiao and Marquez both raised their arms in triumph, confident that they have done their best to win the match over the other.

But Ford and Roth favored Pacquiao with an assonant 115-112 scores while Miller favored Marquez by giving him a 114-113 edge over Pacquiao, thereby proclaiming that the fight was Pacquiao's.

Both boxers whipped their solid one-two punches, jabs and hooks to one another that resulted to cuts on one of both the men's eyes, leaving their trunks spattered with blood.

Yells and jeers from the excited crowd, especially the Mexican and Filipino fans, at Mandalay Bay Events Center heated more the already sizzling fight of two of the world's best boxers.

Pacquaio nearly won the fight in the third round when he floored Marquez with a brutal left hook, but Marquez's resilience just won't let to succumb under annihilating punishment and had Marquez brought back to shape to continue the fateful fight.

“I thought at that point I was in control of the fight,” Pacquiao said. “But when he cut my eye in the fourth round, he made it more difficult for me, and I couldn’t take control of the fight. … I wasn’t sure (heading into the 12th round), but I always treat the final round as the most important. I don’t take any chances.”

“I don’t like the decision,” Marquez said. “I still feel I am the champion. It was a bad decision. That first knockdown, he got me cold, but then I adjusted my game plan and I thought from then on, I dictated the whole fight. … The people are the best judge, and the people are booing him. I won.”

This wasn't the first time Marquez got knocked down by Pacquiao. Both boxers had their first matchup in May 2004 where Marquez was cut down to the floor three times in the opening rounds of that hailed bout, which ended in a draw.

When asked about a third fight with Marquez, Pacquaio uttered “I don't think so. This business is over.”

Known in Mexico as the “Mexican Assassin” for taking down its best fighters Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales, Pacquaio has now won a major world title in his fourth weight division, and plans to go for the fifth with David Diaz when he moves up to 135 pounds.

“Manny was more disciplined in training than he was in the fight tonight,” said Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's trainer. “Manny followed him around the ring too much. He didn't cut off the ring like he should have.”

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joanjoyce said...

well like what Manny said on his interview on showbiz central about Marquez asking for a rematch, "wala naman akong inuurungang hamon"

lets just be happy with his success now and expect a part 3 :D

richard said...

wow! good for the philippines!

galing talaga ni pacman!

Anonymous said...

sama-sama together - lahat na pinoy blogs ito ang topic, he he.

Pinay WAHM said...

Hopping here Zang...hope all's well with you.


Marie Grace said...

very good news! another Pinoy proud!!!

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Yaaaay! Yun lang. :-)

Zang Caesar said...

@ joanjoyce - mapapatunayan din niya sa buong mundo na xa talaga ang champion kahit pa mag match 3 sila

@ richard - oo nga, galing talaga ni Pacman, kahit di ko xa type. LOL

@ monaco - kasi may traffic na ibinibigay

@ Ate J - salamat uli sa pagdrop by. kinda busy lately

@ marie grace - very good news, indeed

@ marcus - nyay.. nakakaloka ka!

Pinay WAHM said...

Ako ulit...

Musta ang Holy Week dyan?


mckhoii said...

mabuhay Pinas! galing talga ni pacquiao! sana may gay category rin sa world boxing para masaya! oist Zang... join me sa tag mo... thanks


Anonymous said...

I have a tag for you, Zang. Hope you can do it. Thanks.

Richard the Adventurer said...


chase / chubz said...

yay! congratz manny!

Pinay WAHM said...

Happy Easter Zang......


richard said...

but still unfinished business.. heheh

Zang said...

@ ate j - ok naman din... very solemn

@ mckhoii - ginawa mo na ba tag ko sa iyo?

@ monaco - i will, mon. hopefully in my new domain. i have one na, kelangan ko lang iset-up

@ richard d adventurer - go, go, go!

@ chase - para sa bayang Pilipinas! LOL

@ ate j - happy easter din, ate

@ richard - oo nga, looks like it.

rhyan said...

nice pic sapol na sapol talaga hahaha.

Zang said...

kaya nga yan ang pinili ko eh

bingskee said...

it's not as good as previous fights. i even thought it was the opponent who won..

Zang said...

that was my impression too

Marie Grace said...

happy easter! hit me back if you have time... waiting for you in my humble house...

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