Light Beer for $300?

light beersYou must have been surprised if you've been offered a light beer for this price, although not in my slightest idea is there a beer with such luxurious price, and if there really is, mind, I won't bother spending that much for a beer. But hey, that's not what this is about...

When was your light beer session? Who you with, what were you doing? Now, if you're going to ask me back that same question, that would really be an awful job, as I don't drink very often. But for the sake of discussion, well I will try to delve into my memory.

I don't usually drink light beers. Heck, I don't fancy their taste to be honest, and in my opinion, as it's light, the “kick” wouldn't be as fast as the normal beers, therefore you tend to buy more before the real “kick” sets in. And of course, you'd be spending more with that.

The last time, however, that I have drank light beer was in local bar, with a “cheap” live band in it, and that's not saying that because I call it cheap, I frequent cheap bars. No. It's just that I call them that, as most of these local bands are, in my opinion. (Yeah, burn me if that burns you!). Me and my friends were just having a weekend break, sort of unwinding. We were just talking—both the sensical and nonsensical things, blah blah. I got disappointed of the light beer's taste and had rather preferred the Red Horse. It kicks! LOL. Nothing beats its taste, at least for me.

Anyway, how about you? When was your light beer session? Who you with, what were you doing? Oh yes, I have taken you back to the questions above, which takes us back to this post title. $300 for a light beer? Yes, a $300 Amazon gift card is waiting for you when you answer all 10 quick text-and-reply questions in a mobile survey, and no purchase necessary. To get it, you must text the word beer to 247365. This contest runs until the 14th of March. And oh, this is only open to legal US residents who are over 21. For full contest rules, visit this site.

If you are not qualified, however, just leave here your own light beer experience so we can share our thoughts. And who knows? You might entice me to liking these beers again...

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