Kuya Makoy Rocks!

I call him Kuya Makoy, although at first he was hesitant of the idea being called “kuya" (big brother in Filipino), but Makoy has really been a friendly blogger who is always up to help other bloggers too, especially those newbies. I was a newbie in the blogosphere then and I don't know how I arrived at his site. Not that I regret it. In fact I thank the time I had done it, for that time I found my first friend in the blogosphere in the person of Makoy. Since then, it was him I usually ask about things that relates to blogging, and oftentimes we exchange ideas about this and that.

Makoy's personal blog speaks of almost anything that crosses his mind. But it is easily noticeable that he has regular posts about a week's top hits in the Billboard Chart, the peso-dollar exchange rates, and also about the recent happenings in his whereabouts and the world in general, as his posts on political, business and entertainment news. He also has a blog that posts not only his well written poems but also his friends'.

No wonder he has a broad fan base, in his blogroll. He's a very friendly and helpful person. He simply rocks! And if I we're to suggest a slogan for his header, I would say it should be "I Rock 'Cause I Blog". I hope he'll consider that... :)

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joanjoyce said...

nice slogan ;)saw him on my PW had read his post and I believe he is a having a contest. ;)

ot: naiba na naman ang comment form mo balik sa dati?

Zang Caesar said...

di ko type yung ininstall ko. sa homepage, 0 (zero) pa rin nakalagay sa # of comments kahit me nagcomment naman. dinelete ko nalng. maganda sana yon kaso yung top commenter kelangan miyembro rin ng site nila, tsaka ung recent comments widget nila di malinis. heto nalng, pagtyatyagaan ko

joanjoyce said...

ahhh ok ehehe nagulat naman ako sa popup ads, bagong raket ah ;)

Zang Caesar said...

pop-up? meron ba? o baka ibig mong sabihin yung full page ad na papalit pag idle ang page ko, pag di navuview ng ilang minuto. un ba? sa adbrite yun

Makoy said...

thanks sa pag join. sana may sumali pa parang walang interested sumali :(

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