If it's your birthday today, I give this to you

business birthday cardSo is it your birthday today? If so, Happy Birthday, and this card I give to you. I hope it paints a smile in your face. You may not like the card I have chosen to give you but it's the thought that counts, and among the birthday cards I have found online, this is my personal favorite. Besides, it looks so clean and dandified. Simple yet stunningly beautiful, and I am giving it to you from the bottom of my bottomless heart. Just kidding.

Birthday cards express more deeply the feelings we can't just say by tongue, because there are words too that are better read than heard. So if you have friends whose birthdays are drawing nearer, you might want to try these sleek birthday cards which you can personalize. There are a number of them that choosing for a good one would come a little difficult as they are all beautifully crafted. Whether it's to a friend or an employee, this thing is a must-try. These cards can even be customized by professionally printing your company name or message inside, your return address on the envelope flap, and even your corporate logos.

Show someone how much you value and appreciate them by sending birthday cards on their very special day...

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joanjoyce said...

pag ako nag bday ayaw ko ng card lang ah ;)

Zang said...

gusto mo ng boylet din? haha

Anonymous said...

musta na.. tamang-tama bertday ko! chingggg.. ng boylet ko pala! nyahahahha :)

henewie, musta? wala na kaayo ko kalaag dri.. blocked man gud sa IT ang blogspot mao dili ko ka comment sa imu blog.. unless naa ko sa cafe :)

salamat sa dalaw :)


PS. ang taray ng kilay mo ha! :)

Zang said...

lintik na IT yan... lang ya! hahaha... sino ba yan at ng malaps?

ps. ano mataray sa kilay ko? hehe

Anonymous said...

bigaon kaayo ka ai! hahahahhahahah natawa naman ako sa response mo! kung tigang ka kumusta naman ako!

wala na gani ko time maglusi! hahahahaha

syeeettt gimingaw nko sa mga laki sa prabens! tag dies ra ang tapok didto!

Anonymous said...

ahhaha nalingaw kaayo ko nimu dhai! :) salamat sa tawa!

sleep muna ako.. manglaki pko unya...

hapi bertday! heheheh :D

joanjoyce said...

oi kung wala lang akong papa e papatulan ko yang gift na yan hehe boylet na malaki ayos yun hahahaha..

ooooopzz erase erase erase, lol!

bendz said...

ako joan, malaki heheh

300 lbs heheheheheheh

Zang Caesar said...

@ geisha - okay, you sleep to gain energy. i know you'll be in a kind of sexual war later. LOL

@ joanjoyce - malaki? ang alin? ano? hahaha. c bendz daw o, malaking tao.

@ bendz - 300 lbs? ako 100 lbs lang. patpatin kasi eh.. anorexic

joanjoyce said...

hehehe nako zang ha kunwari ka pa di mo alam lol ;)

bendz pag 300lbs ka di malaki yan :P

Zang said...

just clarifying. hahaha

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