I have just got my $$$ from dNeero!

dneero paid surveys logoCool! I was really waiting for the last dNeero survey that I took to complete its 5-day impression generation and today I just have been sent $20.50 in my PayPal account. The past few months I really was not rooting for this kind of make money online as the payout is very small for each survey taken. But just like the saying "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" goes, every bit of earnings counts to accumulate into something big.

Although posting the dNeero surveys in my blog as separate posts with their unique titles can generate traffic to my blog, lately I found it not amusing, and it just clutters my blog. So instead of posting them in this blog, I decided to put it in my Friendster account: same money, but less clutter to my blog. And for the rest of the surveys, it will be in Friendster that I will post them.

For those of you who've not yet signed up in dNeero, it's time you start earning there.

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joanjoyce said...

pwede pala sa friendster? talagang journey ito kasi ang tagal maka 20 tapos madalang pa survey lately, ako 17. something pa lang :(

t3ss4 said...

buti pa kau may 17, 20 na... ako going 10 pa...

counted rin ata ang link lang... basta maipost mo ang survey :)

congrats zang.


Zang Caesar said...

@ joanjoyce - oo, pede dun. dun ko nga nilalagay eh. basahin mo rin comment ni tessa, pede rin link lang

@ tessa - antayin mo nlang. patience is a virtue di ba?

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