I got it all for free.. and I may be moving

goodbye dog cartoonI thought moving on in love is the only move that is hard to do. But now I realized that moving on to a new site is as difficult as that stupid love's moving on.

I acquired my new site with its own domain My Online Asylum through Hyperwebenable. Yes, they offer not only free domain registration but also web hosting. You just have to fill an online form what it is that you want, whether it's a blog, forum, content management (CMS), ImageGalleries, Wiki, classifieds, polls and surveys and whatnots, just name it and they will reply to you via email, as technical support is entirely by email and they're good at it.

Sounds too good be true, all free blogging?

It was actually around two months ago when I happened to pass by a blog that spoke of Hyperwebenable, about how he got his own domain for free, how he's moved on from his own Blogger (blogspot) blog, how it was easy to import the posts, and a lot more. It was really enticing, and so I signed up myself.

There I was, filling up the online forms, and because I was skeptical about the site that time, I wisely chose a domain name which I am sure I would not regret if ever they will register it for me and then they'll claim it back. Well, in times like these you should be cautious about the freebies online... And they registered it for me right away after I confirmed that I really wanted that domain.

Even though they had put my own site already last January, I didn't move from here to there as yet. I know I still have a lot to learn and find my way in Wordpress, as I am not used to it, plus the skepticism still resided in me. Nonetheless, I recommended the site to my friend who now enjoys the benefits of Hyperwebenable with his site Mckhoii.

I want to move now to my new domain but some things are stopping. If I did, I'd go all the way back to zero, from my Alexa traffic rank, site construction, links, and a whole lot more. Although I was kind of discouraged by fellow bloggers about how unsafe it would be if I'd go for Hyperwebenable than going for 000webhost (offers free web hosting only, you need to have your own registered domain first, which is they say is good as you can transfer server anytime you want unlike Hyperwebenable in which they entirely own your domain), I have found a way to safeguard my blog and entries if they really would take the site away from me, and that is backing up all my posts...

I am now decided to move. The only problem is that I'll get all back to zero. How sad. I wanted to just buy my own domain here in Blogger but this platform is just not my type (especially the commenting area, it's more convenient for visitors to comment in Wordpress...).

All the more I am thanking Blogger for serving as my asylum. It is where I started blogging. It's where I learned how to blog effectively. It is the first platform where I was able to make money through blogging... I owe a lot to Blogger, and it's really hard to move on. Yet I have to, one of these days.

I love you Blogger...

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Roselle said...

hi! just visiting :) how are u?

joanjoyce said...

nakakaiyak naman yang speech mo hehe wag mo ng iwan si blogger mo, pag nagpost ka sa dot com mo, ipost mo din dito diba? watchatink?

Zang said...

@ roselle - thanks for visiting!

@ joanjoyce - nyay... extra effort na naman yun. gusto ko magconcentrate ako sa isa

Pinay WAHM said...

Congrats on the move. Hopefully, it's going to be for the better.

Btw...you asked a question in my Spring Forward - DST? I believe it's the DST...although now I'm not sure anymore which part is the 'saving' part. I think I've been losing instead of saving kasi naman my internal clock is still n'sync with the old one....hmmm...


t3ss4 said...

Hi Zang...
I felt sad while reading your entry. Isa ka pala sa mga hindi madaling makaiwan sa mga bagay na naging 'una'. parehas dyud ta.

I was able to read about your other site (I think still from Joan :D hehe). Taka nga ako bat di mo ginagamit.

Well... I think if you want to move, you should move right away... AS SOON AS you'll find a domain and good hosting that you really trust. Kasi mahirap yung may doubts eh. You are not comfortable, and it'll not make you satisfied.

I think you have read a lot of blogs saying that owning a domain gives you more benefits... So I think I don't have to enumate any...

I'm still stuck with my TPF.blogspot. hehe. I'm almost on my 3rd month of blogging. Sayang kasi ang PR and other ranks. Though I'm planning to do another blog... maybe that's more organized and has a good theme... tapos buy ng domain tapos hosting... though all in the planning stage. maya na pag sa tingin ko nakaincome ako :D

hope you'll be happy on your final decision ^___^

take care Zang :)

Zang Caesar said...

yeah, i always find it hard to let go of the things that i've been used to doing or owning.

i will move when i will finally have my own domain, something that is really paid by I. i already have earned a lot from this blog, not to boast, and i could buy my own domain and web hosting. the only problem is that di ko pa magamit kasi di pa verified paypal ko. i'm still waiting for my Eon replacement card

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