Brand name prescription drugs or the generics?

prescription drugs and medicineOver the generic drugs, I personally choose brand name prescription drugs. True, the generics are priced way cheaper than the branded ones, but to me the higher the price and the more trusted the drug name or its company, the more it matters, even as they say they have just the same effect. It is just that I am quite cautious of many unbranded drugs that been sold left and right everywhere. I fear these drugs only live up to its price and not exactly their essential effects.

If you happen to prefer the branded over the generic drugs also and if you are used to shopping online, you might want to try buying for drugs. No, not the evil drugs. You can buy brand name prescription drugs at guaranteed lowest prices on the internet in a safe, secure, private and convenient way. An example of an online pharmacy that provides this is eDrugstore, which sells only authentic FDA-approved medications to protect your health, and no generics. You can even ask a physician of theirs, and their physicians and pharmacists are US-licensed and they offer free medical consultations.

They also have various essential articles on health that you scan, and you can also browse for brand name drugs for men's health (like the famous Viagra), women's health, weigh loss, pain relief, sexual health, gastrointestinal, skin care, sleep aids, smoking cessation and influenza.

When you buy affordable drugs from eDrugstore, you can even get discounts. For example, if you buy Viagra online, they will take $20 off the retail price after your first order. That's a lot of savings, and this is generally applicable to online prescriptions, too.

Why chose the generics over the safe brand name prescription drugs when you can get the latter for an affordable price? If the lowest prices for FDA-approved online prescriptions are what exactly you're looking for, eDrugstore is the site to visit.

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