Are you an outstanding PPP Postie?

PayPerPost is perhaps the most sought about paid-to-review site, and although many PPP Posties have been slapped by the gargantuan Google by downgrading their PageRanks, these bloggers still pursue on PPP. Who wouldn't, if you get good amount of money just for making a review post? That's extra income, plus traffic too. And, mind, it also gives self-satisfaction when you've finished a good article for someone other than you...

What do you get as email notification when you've just completed a review for them? The email subject is usually "Your Post Has Been Approved" with the content that is usually like this:

Hello *your name*,

This is a notification letting you know that your PayPerPost post, *your post title*, has been approved. Tell your friends how quick and easy that was!

Thank you,

The PayPerPost Team

I guess it was last week when I completed a review opportunity in PayPerPost that I noticed something new, but not unusual or weird: the moment I submitted my completed review, I instantly got an email from PPP that my post had been auto-approved. I even thought that time that it may be a new feature for featured posts (those ones in light green), until last night when I yet again submitted a review at that site and got the notification.

It was only last night that I completely checked the email content of PPP notifications with the subject "Your Post Has Been Auto-Approved". Aside from the usual content as quoted above, below those notification emails for me were these words.

Hello Caesar Balatero,

Congratulations!! Your PayPerPost post, Whose heart wouldn't frolick?, has been automatically approved based on your high quality performance as a PPP Postie!

Please note: We will still do a manual check of posts against the opportunity and PPP criteria as a verification of this approval. Should your post not meet requirements, you may get a rejection notice at a later date.

Final payment is dependent upon your post meeting all criteria set both in the advertiser's opportunity, and in the PPP ToS. If your post is rejected during manual review, and you are not able to update and resubmit, payment will not be made on this post.

Congrats again on being an outstanding PPP Postie!! And watch for more auto approvals!!

Thank you,

The PayPerPost Team

Note the emboldened words. I am so flattered. I never thought my posts for them will be actually appreciated, valued and honor, and also rated. Outstanding? Good gracious...

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Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra,Jr. said...

Keep up the good work, it is nice to see that our work is appreciated.

Pinay WAHM said...

Hopping here on this Tuesday...

Hope you're having a good week...


Zang said...

@ fr. - thanks father for visiting and commenting. i didn't know that priests also blog until now. hehe

@ ate j - thanks for visiting again ate

swordie said...

cool... you must be really really... happy :D

And... I know politician do blog... but now, I know that priest blog too :D

Zang Caesar said...

yes, i am indeed happy

Jennie said...

Yup, that's what they automatically send once you have reached your 20th post for them. I also felt giddy when I first received that. :-)

Zang said...

20th post? but i haven't gone to as far the 20th post yet. I am still on my 19th and I think it was around my 14th or 15th post that I got the "auto-approve". I guess it's not about how many posts you have done for them, but it's more of how they are satisfied with what you wrote for them

bendzgerona said...

arg! they declined my application several times >.< hhu

Zang said...

what's their reason for doing it? when i applied at PPP, at first it was declined, as my blog that time was just around a month and a half that time. when it got to two months old, i sent PPP a message about when will my blog be finally accepted, and I was so surprised that it was accepted when they replied, even if my blog wasn't 3 months old yet. i guess they considered my number of posts that time, as per day I wrote several posts.

monaco said...

wow, kelan kaya ako magiging ganyan?

Zang Caesar said...

are you in PPP din ba? hamot mkakarating ka rin sa ganyan

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