17 articles in 15 hours? That's torture

I know I should have posted this a long time ago, one week ago to be specific (and that's already "long time ago" to me), but there just have been many things that I was rather busy of doing. And one of them pertains to this post's title.

I am not quite certain whether it was the need to earn a little more or plainly the curiosity about being a freelance writer but when I dropped by a site with a link to his "recommended sites" I clicked on one of them and I was taken to this site that offers a lot of freelance jobs.

SEO, web design, flash templates, PHP, mySQL and a lot more are what mainly the jobs about at GetAFreelancer or GAF, as they call it, but what I was into are their copywriting job opportunities. I signed up and bid for those particular opportunities with copywriting tasks. I got several replies, and although I didn't have a resume to submit to them that will prove my being a copywriter, I just sent them a link to this blog. It was flattering to hear back their comments about how I write my posts, but as a first-timer in their site, I had to only approve of one job offered to me (although you can have many if you want) lest that I won't be able to meet the deadline for each and every writing task given to me.

I had to copywrite 20 articles about Tax Relief, as my "boss" that time works in an accounting firm. I had to admit that that is not my field but he put his trust on me. As agreed, I sent him the first three articles first to check how I comply with the job, and he was satisfied. I had around 4 days more or so to complete the task, but I was rather relaxing for the rest of the days that the remaining 17 articles were made in a hurry, for 15 hours! I had to meet the deadline. My golly, it's really torture! I tortured myself, and I said to myself "I will never accept these kinds of tasks anymore..."

And what did I get? $60 for the 20 articles ($3 for each 275-word article), minus the $6 charged by GAF, and another deduction of $1 when I transferred my remaining balance to my PayPal account. You do the math!... Freelance tasks online is not what I suggest you do. Stick to your sponsored posts, as they pay much better...

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Pinay WAHM said...

Torture nga yun Zang...my head would probably explode if I try to do that. Pang isa isa lang ako.



Anonymous said...

how about 10 in 24hrs? lol

joanjoyce said...

waaaa naging anonymous ako - joanjoyce

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