Get your game on, and let the cash flow

If I were to choose a game to play, I would select games that promote team building if it's a group game or personal growth if it's a one-on-one game. But really, above all, I would choose a game that not only would put my skills to a test and enhance it but also something that will award me money if I won. Oh I come on, who doesn't want money? You want to earn money while you play, don't you?

And talking about money, I have always been curious about casinos. Since I was a child there are those times that when I watch a movie there are those casinos involved, with people raking in a huge amount of money if lucky. Since then I wonder how these games are played. Oh well, little did you know I have this gambling "sickness" even when I was a child (I play cards and bet with my childhood friends). Not that I am still a gambler anymore.

But if you want to gamble in the hope of winning huge sum of money, you might want to try playing online casinos. I know it's a lot different with the "actual" casinos but if you rather like playing games alone (like if you're a loner) by just sitting in front of a computer, then online casinos are just right for you.

American players from whatever state are welcome in USA online casinos with no restrictions. What does it mean? There are no inhibitions or what. Play it like you want it to be. Just choose what suits you. Featured are free casinos, big bonus casinos, flash casinos, and no deposit casinos. No deposit? I guess that's very cool, and if you are having some difficulties about playing the games, you can read a very comprehensive and easy to use casino guide to facilitate your gaming and possibly increase your chances of winning. A must see website for anyone interested in online gambling with features mention above is USPlayersWelcome. Go, try it...

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Zang Caesar is now up!

zang caesar

I am glad to announce to everyone that my self-hosted domain, Zang Caesar, is now up and running. It's been a month or so that I was really digging for a new site, something to call my own, and not a free hosted blog. What's more, if you have your own domain, you can monetize it all the more. Plus the pride that you have your own domain is quite comforting and exciting.

I still have a lot to improve with my new site, and apparently a lot to learn in the Wordpress platform. I like Wordpress so much as it provides users various ways to enjoy their site without all the hassles. Just plug the plug-ins and then off you go. There are also many features that Wordpress has, features that are obviously hasn't been provided by the Blogger platform.

Although I have now a new site, I will not leave this blog of mine at once, but rather do it gradually, or not leave it at all. I will just have to focus more on my new site and that I still will update this My Consoling Asylum of mine. One of these days, furthermore, I will grant this blog its unique domain so it too can easily make money through sponsored posts.

Forgive me for not having been an active blogger lately, but now that everything seems in place, I can now get back to my usual blogging routine. Or so I hope and pray...

Watch out, fellas. I might be throwing a bomb or two here. Nyahahaha...

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Web Conferencing: A Must Tool for You and Your Business

Web conferencing is perhaps a phrase you might have heard a million times and yet you just did not care about, or maybe you know a little of this term (as one) but due to its seeming complexity, you just shooed the thought away.

Web conferencing is a powerful business tool in such a way that this activity can invite a group of people—whether the customers, your affiliates or networks, etcetera—in a virtual conference room to discuss business matters by sharing applications, chat, or just collaborate in real time.

web conferencingIn web conferencing, computer applications will be shared, control and shown on computer screens among a group people via the Internet. It can provide you remote access to your computers. It is sometimes referred to as webinar, a combination of the words “web” and “seminar.” However, web conferencing should not be confused with video conferencing, as the latter transfers moving images from the cameras as the usual sources. Many business firms consider this activity because this is an ideal option when you want to quickly give product demonstrations or sales presentations, conduct internal meetings with your networks, offer remote support for your customers, provide remote training & seminars, and offer countless real-time collaborative applications. This surely saves time and improves your business productivity.

If you think your business needs a perk-up in its sales or publicity, then why not give web conferencing a shot.

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No Mindcracking Monday Monster for the meantime

cartoon monsterMindcracking Monday Monster (MMM) is a quiz I give to my readers every Monday, in which winners are awarded Entrecard credits (the last time was 750 credits) when they had given the correct answer, and another 100 (300 the most) credits for the raffle. You can see on my sidebar the 125 x 125 image ads of those who won for the past three MMM. This kind of contest had not only brought me a good amount of traffic but also the joy and fun when people answer the quizzes I gave... only few got it right and most of the time wrong, which makes the quiz fun, well at least for me.

Last week I've been kind of busy so I was not able to give the quiz, and while it's Monday today, I still cannot give a new quiz. I don't until when. It's not that I no longer have the credits to award; in fact I still have around 4,000 credits to give but I am just busy. With what? With a few things...

Tomorrow I will be attending the Recognition for new nurses at my alma mater, but I am not certain though if I will come. On Wednesday will be the Oathtaking Ceremony for the new Registered Nurses here in my place, Davao. And after that I still have a lot to attend to as following up my grade (score) in the board exam and the processing of my professional license. Plus I have to sniff for some possible jobs nearby to apply. I'm bored being a bummer. But that's not at all, I am also setting up my new site Zang Caesar, which is now under construction and apparently, if you dared visit, with some errors. I still don't know how to fix this. If that will be successfully put up, I will be moving there, but I'm not totally leaving this blog. In fact I will buy this blog it's own domain. Just wait and see...

Just watch out for the next Mindcracking Monday Monster episodes. I am still cooking the quizzes for you.

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Pearly shell, pearly gulf

mermaid in a shell figurineDo you remember those mermaids enclosed in big clam shells as far as your childish thinking is concerned, who dazzle you with their graceful dances as they come out of the shell, creating bubbles as they do so? Oh it's all thanks to Hans Christian Andersen for coming up such fabulous creature that I even thought mermaids do really come from those big clams!

We always thought a mollusk like the oysters can give us only pearls. But what if it can give us diamonds too? Or other precious stones? Or charcoal? Or carrots maybe? Ha ha. This sounds funny but who knows? With the modern technology to aid us in scientific researches, one day we will be all surprised about what other things we can benefit from the oysters as much as we were surprised when it is a potential aphrodisiac.

And yes, with modern technology, scientific findings reveal that some oysters, especially Gulf oysters, carry some harmful bacteria in them, which can cause death at a given time or in an instant when ingested, depending on a victim's physiological response. The bacteria is called Vibrio vulnificus which are naturally a habitant in the aquatic environment. They are particularly at their highest levels in oysters and in Gulf Coast waters (that which borders the Gulf of Mexico—Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas).

You have to be cautious of the oysters that you are eating, especially when they are raw and when you know that they were harvested from the waters in the places mentioned above. Be oyster aware to protect yourself from these deadly bacteria, and so you can continue remembering those fond childhood memories about mermaids and mollusks of yours.

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17 articles in 15 hours? That's torture

I know I should have posted this a long time ago, one week ago to be specific (and that's already "long time ago" to me), but there just have been many things that I was rather busy of doing. And one of them pertains to this post's title.

I am not quite certain whether it was the need to earn a little more or plainly the curiosity about being a freelance writer but when I dropped by a site with a link to his "recommended sites" I clicked on one of them and I was taken to this site that offers a lot of freelance jobs.

SEO, web design, flash templates, PHP, mySQL and a lot more are what mainly the jobs about at GetAFreelancer or GAF, as they call it, but what I was into are their copywriting job opportunities. I signed up and bid for those particular opportunities with copywriting tasks. I got several replies, and although I didn't have a resume to submit to them that will prove my being a copywriter, I just sent them a link to this blog. It was flattering to hear back their comments about how I write my posts, but as a first-timer in their site, I had to only approve of one job offered to me (although you can have many if you want) lest that I won't be able to meet the deadline for each and every writing task given to me.

I had to copywrite 20 articles about Tax Relief, as my "boss" that time works in an accounting firm. I had to admit that that is not my field but he put his trust on me. As agreed, I sent him the first three articles first to check how I comply with the job, and he was satisfied. I had around 4 days more or so to complete the task, but I was rather relaxing for the rest of the days that the remaining 17 articles were made in a hurry, for 15 hours! I had to meet the deadline. My golly, it's really torture! I tortured myself, and I said to myself "I will never accept these kinds of tasks anymore..."

And what did I get? $60 for the 20 articles ($3 for each 275-word article), minus the $6 charged by GAF, and another deduction of $1 when I transferred my remaining balance to my PayPal account. You do the math!... Freelance tasks online is not what I suggest you do. Stick to your sponsored posts, as they pay much better...

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Manny Pacquiao finishes business with Juan Manuel Marquez

pacquiao marquez fight in 2007LAS VEGAS—Manny Pacquiao finished his rematch over Juan Manuel Marquez in a sensational fight that left them battered and bleeding through a split decision by judges Duane Ford, Jerry Roth and Tom Miller.

At the fateful last bell on Saturday night, Pacquiao and Marquez both raised their arms in triumph, confident that they have done their best to win the match over the other.

But Ford and Roth favored Pacquiao with an assonant 115-112 scores while Miller favored Marquez by giving him a 114-113 edge over Pacquiao, thereby proclaiming that the fight was Pacquiao's.

Both boxers whipped their solid one-two punches, jabs and hooks to one another that resulted to cuts on one of both the men's eyes, leaving their trunks spattered with blood.

Yells and jeers from the excited crowd, especially the Mexican and Filipino fans, at Mandalay Bay Events Center heated more the already sizzling fight of two of the world's best boxers.

Pacquaio nearly won the fight in the third round when he floored Marquez with a brutal left hook, but Marquez's resilience just won't let to succumb under annihilating punishment and had Marquez brought back to shape to continue the fateful fight.

“I thought at that point I was in control of the fight,” Pacquiao said. “But when he cut my eye in the fourth round, he made it more difficult for me, and I couldn’t take control of the fight. … I wasn’t sure (heading into the 12th round), but I always treat the final round as the most important. I don’t take any chances.”

“I don’t like the decision,” Marquez said. “I still feel I am the champion. It was a bad decision. That first knockdown, he got me cold, but then I adjusted my game plan and I thought from then on, I dictated the whole fight. … The people are the best judge, and the people are booing him. I won.”

This wasn't the first time Marquez got knocked down by Pacquiao. Both boxers had their first matchup in May 2004 where Marquez was cut down to the floor three times in the opening rounds of that hailed bout, which ended in a draw.

When asked about a third fight with Marquez, Pacquaio uttered “I don't think so. This business is over.”

Known in Mexico as the “Mexican Assassin” for taking down its best fighters Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales, Pacquaio has now won a major world title in his fourth weight division, and plans to go for the fifth with David Diaz when he moves up to 135 pounds.

“Manny was more disciplined in training than he was in the fight tonight,” said Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's trainer. “Manny followed him around the ring too much. He didn't cut off the ring like he should have.”

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I have just got my $$$ from dNeero!

dneero paid surveys logoCool! I was really waiting for the last dNeero survey that I took to complete its 5-day impression generation and today I just have been sent $20.50 in my PayPal account. The past few months I really was not rooting for this kind of make money online as the payout is very small for each survey taken. But just like the saying "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" goes, every bit of earnings counts to accumulate into something big.

Although posting the dNeero surveys in my blog as separate posts with their unique titles can generate traffic to my blog, lately I found it not amusing, and it just clutters my blog. So instead of posting them in this blog, I decided to put it in my Friendster account: same money, but less clutter to my blog. And for the rest of the surveys, it will be in Friendster that I will post them.

For those of you who've not yet signed up in dNeero, it's time you start earning there.

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The Yum-yummy Facebook for Foodies

baked rigatoni pasta recipeWho doesn't love foods? I guess I am right in shouting “everybody does!”. I love foods so much, although I may not look like it. I even wished I were a chef, just because I really love eating, so I'd like to experiment on recipes if I were a chef (although I still could do it even if I am not).

If you happen to share the same liking, you can try visit FoodConnect to share to every member and visitor in the site all the foods you love. This is the Facebook for foodies. You can submit your own recipes online so the world can try it too, plus every recipe you submit you can have it analyzed for nutritional value, and that's for free. You can also discuss recipe ideas and techniques with other foodies, plan your meal and print for your convenience your shopping lists, or create the perfect dinner party!

God, the foods are really tempting they got me almost drooling. And while I was scanning for some delicious treats, I guess of all the foods showcased there, what I loved to taste first is this baked rigatoni (in the picture). My love for pastas is so profound, that is why. But really, I wouldn't mind tasting (or doing) the recipes therein. They're just so tempting!

So if you have list of some great recipes kept in the shelves, why not share them at FoodConnect? Tell the world how good you are when it comes to recipes and try other members' recipes yourself. And this site also features wine and drinks, too!

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Kuya Makoy Rocks!

I call him Kuya Makoy, although at first he was hesitant of the idea being called “kuya" (big brother in Filipino), but Makoy has really been a friendly blogger who is always up to help other bloggers too, especially those newbies. I was a newbie in the blogosphere then and I don't know how I arrived at his site. Not that I regret it. In fact I thank the time I had done it, for that time I found my first friend in the blogosphere in the person of Makoy. Since then, it was him I usually ask about things that relates to blogging, and oftentimes we exchange ideas about this and that.

Makoy's personal blog speaks of almost anything that crosses his mind. But it is easily noticeable that he has regular posts about a week's top hits in the Billboard Chart, the peso-dollar exchange rates, and also about the recent happenings in his whereabouts and the world in general, as his posts on political, business and entertainment news. He also has a blog that posts not only his well written poems but also his friends'.

No wonder he has a broad fan base, in his blogroll. He's a very friendly and helpful person. He simply rocks! And if I we're to suggest a slogan for his header, I would say it should be "I Rock 'Cause I Blog". I hope he'll consider that... :)

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A New Earth Is Dawning... In You

happy smiling earthHow do you plan of living your life now free of unnecessary suffering, of imposing this very same suffering on others? Or have your ever had such plan at all? How would you bring forth the presence of awareness that you really are into the window of your consciousness and change the consciousness of the mass as far as planet earth is concerned? Did you know you can create a new earth? I'll tell you how...

Have you ever heard of The Sedona Method? Created in the early 70's, The Sedona Method teaches hundreds to thousands of people worldwide to continue spreading happiness, peace and well-being to each and every continent, so as to foster unity.

The Method is about releasing limiting emotions that are holding you back by asking some simple questions, and the first step to release them is to acknowledge yourself, as Hale Dwoskin, one of original Secret teacher, explains. “Once you recognize that the feeling is just a feeling, it is not a fact and it is not you, it becomes easy to let it go. As you naturally let go and disengage with your stories you’ll feel like you are free to allow them to dissolve,” he furthered.

So how is The Sedona Method the technique for a new earth? Basically, this is grounded on the idea that you yourself can create a new earth by letting go of your unhappy thoughts, and delight all the more in the remaining happy memories. And when these are shared to the people around you, you radiate happiness. It's about ego consciousness, and how this consciousness of lack and limitation has influenced the thinking minds of this planet and produced both individual and mass turmoil for millennia.

To understand fully of The Sedona Method, I suggest you visit their site so that starting from now on, it will be easier for you to create a new earth. You can even get a free CD and DVD at their site.

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Mindcracking Monday Monster Big Winner

First, I must apologize for this late announcement of the winner. However, I am quite certain that I added some tense and excitement to those who participated in our weekly contest.

Because the last two weeks' logic quiz in my episodic Mindcracking Monday Monster weren't answered correctly, the Entrecard credit prize has now amounted to 1,150 (not only 1,100), and it is with great joy (and yes, relief) that somebody has finally got it right, owing to the instructions of the quiz. So who is the lucky one?

Oh let us prolong the thrill. I will announce first the winner of the raffle, who will be awarded 300 Entrecard credits, plus another 50 credits when he/she will post in a blog about his/her winning, linking back to this site or any of the Mindcracking Monday Monster posts (preferably the one that he/she won).

These were the entries to the raffle, with their entry number (according the order of dates they posted their answer as comment).

#1. Heidi (02.26.08)
#2. Heidi (03.04.08)
#3. 1 Million in 365 Days (03.11.08)
#4. Wess Stewart (03.12.08)
#5. Anna (03.13.08)
#6. Anna (03.13.08)
#7. Heidi (03.13.08)
#8. Heidi (03.13.08)
#9. Heidi (03.13.08)
#10. Heidi (03.13.08) – invalid as same answer was already given on 02.26.08

So with the aid of, I have drawn one integer from 1 – 9 to determine our raffle winner...random org integer generator
Entry #3 won, so 1 Million in 365 Days won the 300 Entrecard credits! (plus 50 credits when he writes a blog post about this)

And as for the big 750 Entrecard credits (plus 50 credits when you post your winning of this contest to your blog, whoever you are), the one who answered it correctly is Anna (see her answer here) with the answer:

(in digit form)

(in words)
three hundred twenty trillion, five hundred thirty billion, nine hundred fourteen million, six hundred fifty thousand, seven hundred eighty

>Heidi actually got the right answer first, but because she only entered the answer in digit form and with no accompanying answer in words, it wasn't valid. So please read the instructions very carefully.

That's it. Congratulations to the winners! Don't forget to drop by here on Monday for another Mindcracking Monday Monster. And to Anna, I would require you to send me your 125 x 125 image ad so I will put it in my sidebar until it's replaced on a rotation basis (three ad images at most).

Thank you guys for playing MMM. And about the picture above, I have always thought of Entrecard credits as gold coins, that's why...

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Achieving total beauty... inside-out

aging skinDoes your face look older and older each day? Does it tell you how old you are? Do you look your age? Having skin problems?

While our eyes are the mirror to our soul, our skin is the mirror of our inner well-being. It reflects outwardly our inner health status. It serves as a determinant how well we are, physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Simply put, it shows signs of who we are and what we are, almost always.

That is why skin, in this modern world, is very carefully taken care of. Spas and beauty centers have rapidly sprung everywhere and various beauty products just keep increasing in their number so that we can have a lot to choose from for our skin care pursuits, so to counter skin problems, such as dry skin, oily skin, aging skin, wrinkles, among others.

I personally have a bad skin, and have tried several products and treatments like diamond peels and 3-step skin care system. It’s not unusual that today most women and men are so conscious about beauty to the point of availing some expensive treatments just so to achieve a better, if not the best, skin. This isn’t a wonder.

But BORBA will take you by wonder, or its high-end beauty products, that is. Their HD-Illuminating Crystals is even gaining rave reviews. Why shouldn’t it, when it is so amazing with its revolutionary 2-step treatment that uses advanced, high-definition (HD) plasma technology and prismatic micro-diamonds to exfoliate dead skin cells. And this is not all: BORBA has a wide range of skin care products to choose from, whether it’s for clarifying, age defying, firming, or replenishing. You can even get expert skin advice. And when you spend a hundred bucks or more at their site, you can get a special promotion.

It’s all possible with BORBA, because BORBA is all about achieving total beauty... inside-out.

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Are you an outstanding PPP Postie?

PayPerPost is perhaps the most sought about paid-to-review site, and although many PPP Posties have been slapped by the gargantuan Google by downgrading their PageRanks, these bloggers still pursue on PPP. Who wouldn't, if you get good amount of money just for making a review post? That's extra income, plus traffic too. And, mind, it also gives self-satisfaction when you've finished a good article for someone other than you...

What do you get as email notification when you've just completed a review for them? The email subject is usually "Your Post Has Been Approved" with the content that is usually like this:

Hello *your name*,

This is a notification letting you know that your PayPerPost post, *your post title*, has been approved. Tell your friends how quick and easy that was!

Thank you,

The PayPerPost Team

I guess it was last week when I completed a review opportunity in PayPerPost that I noticed something new, but not unusual or weird: the moment I submitted my completed review, I instantly got an email from PPP that my post had been auto-approved. I even thought that time that it may be a new feature for featured posts (those ones in light green), until last night when I yet again submitted a review at that site and got the notification.

It was only last night that I completely checked the email content of PPP notifications with the subject "Your Post Has Been Auto-Approved". Aside from the usual content as quoted above, below those notification emails for me were these words.

Hello Caesar Balatero,

Congratulations!! Your PayPerPost post, Whose heart wouldn't frolick?, has been automatically approved based on your high quality performance as a PPP Postie!

Please note: We will still do a manual check of posts against the opportunity and PPP criteria as a verification of this approval. Should your post not meet requirements, you may get a rejection notice at a later date.

Final payment is dependent upon your post meeting all criteria set both in the advertiser's opportunity, and in the PPP ToS. If your post is rejected during manual review, and you are not able to update and resubmit, payment will not be made on this post.

Congrats again on being an outstanding PPP Postie!! And watch for more auto approvals!!

Thank you,

The PayPerPost Team

Note the emboldened words. I am so flattered. I never thought my posts for them will be actually appreciated, valued and honor, and also rated. Outstanding? Good gracious...

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Tag Tuesday: I Wish I Were... Alphabet

lilo and stitch friendshipFRIENDS ONLY

First I must thank JoanJoyce for the Friends Only Tag. It is really great to have an "ate" like her online. Someone who can share your silly thoughts with, and wisecracks too.

And for this one, I am sharing this to these people who also are a great part of my blogging pursuit. And they are:

Makoy, Itot, Tessa, Monaco, Mckhoii, Ate J, IdealPinkRose, Anah, Malinesky, Cecil, Chase, Christian Bryan, Denis, Liza, Ate Ivy, Isel, JoyJoy, Geisha, Daniel Jr., Dhelyo, Klitorika, Kharlota and Robert. You've been great guys. Thanks a lot for sharing friendship with me here in the blogosphere.

I am also sharing this to the following persons whom I wish to build friendship with, to expand my circle of friends. And they are: Ambo, Mikko, Lad Madrigal, Bendz and MarcRoger...



I am here again creating another tag meme. I entitle this "I Wish I Were... Alphabet". We have lots of wishes, and dreams. We know we aren't perfect, and we can't be everything we want us to be. We may be jack-of-all-trades but there are just some things that we really dearly wish we were. So it's time to showcase your dreams in this alphabet.

*The rules: Below are the letters A-Z. You have to fill in your dreams and wishes in the letter that corresponds to the first letters of your full name, and these wishes of yours should also start with those letters.

For example, in my case, my full name is Caesar Balatero, so I'd take C and B. After doing so, I will fill in spots C and B with who I want to be other than who I am now. This is basically "I wish I were a/an...". So, I wish I were a chef and a ballroom dancer. Don't forget to put your links in the item/s, okay, so people will know...

(Note: if the letter is already filled, replace it with your dream/wish, and if you have two or three first names, then good: fill the letters up!)

B: ballroom dancer
C: chef

Let this I Wish I Were... Alphabet spread widely...*

I am tagging again all those guys and gals I've mentioned above for this tag: JoanJoyce,
Makoy, Itot, Tessa, Monaco, Mckhoii, Ate J, IdealPinkRose, Anah, Malinesky, Cecil, Chase, Christian Bryan, Denis, Liza, Ate Ivy, Isel, JoyJoy, Geisha, Daniel Jr., Dhelyo, Klitorika, Kharlota, Robert, Ambo, Mikko, Lad Madrigal, Bendz and MarcRoger.

C'mon, don't be such a wet blanket (killjoy)! Let the world know about your dreams and wishes! And who knows, there might be someone who can help you realize those dreams upon reading this. Just copy this tag starting from the first * mark up to the second * mark. Just replace my name in the example above when you post it in your blog, okay? Happy wishing!



I had read this tag from JoanJoyce again and although I wasn't tagged to do it, I felt like doing it, basically because I want to gain more friends with this, and I hope they won't fail me.

Cut and paste the following starting here.
I have randomly selected 5 of you below to be tagged and I hope that you will similarly publish this post in your blog. You will have to tag 5 other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. (Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes we hope it will be a long list!) It’s real easy! Tag others and see your Technorati Authority increase exponentially!

The benefits of Viral Linking:- One of the fastest ways to see your Technorati Authority explode!- Increase your Google PageRank fast- Attract large volume of new traffic to your site- Build your community- Make new friends!

The Strategist Notebook, Link Addiction, Ardour of the Heart, When Life Becomes a Book, The Malaysian Life,, What goes under the sun Roshidan’s Cyber Station,Sasha says,Arts of Physics,And the legend lives,My View, My Life,A Simple Life,Juliana RW,The Callalily Space,Petra,Summer in Blue,Confessions of an Army Wife,Bless’ Sanctuary,Happy Life,Living @ Evergreen State,La Place de Cherie,Chez Francine,Le bric a brac de Cherie Little Peanut, Pea in a Pod, The Creative In Me,Me and Mine,Pinay Mommy,Expressions from the Heart,TeacherJulie, Sweetbites by Bang, Paul, Toni and Lance - Bridging the Distance, Our Growing Family, The Uncensored life of me, My Untamed World, Yan-Ple’s Party Shop, Childstar Band, My Scrappy Side, BLOGGERHAPPY.COM, Fun.Fierce.Fabulous, Nap Time Rocks!, joanjoyce, Blogger-Aid, My Consoling Asylum, add yours here:

As the rule says, you only have to tag five bloggers, I am tagging (1) Tessa, (2) Mckhoii, (3) Ate J, (4) Anah and (5) Malinesky.

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If it's your birthday today, I give this to you

business birthday cardSo is it your birthday today? If so, Happy Birthday, and this card I give to you. I hope it paints a smile in your face. You may not like the card I have chosen to give you but it's the thought that counts, and among the birthday cards I have found online, this is my personal favorite. Besides, it looks so clean and dandified. Simple yet stunningly beautiful, and I am giving it to you from the bottom of my bottomless heart. Just kidding.

Birthday cards express more deeply the feelings we can't just say by tongue, because there are words too that are better read than heard. So if you have friends whose birthdays are drawing nearer, you might want to try these sleek birthday cards which you can personalize. There are a number of them that choosing for a good one would come a little difficult as they are all beautifully crafted. Whether it's to a friend or an employee, this thing is a must-try. These cards can even be customized by professionally printing your company name or message inside, your return address on the envelope flap, and even your corporate logos.

Show someone how much you value and appreciate them by sending birthday cards on their very special day...

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Mindcracking Monday Monster #5: You want 1,100 EC credits, don't you?

Yes, it's Monday again, and although it's nearly hitting midnight (that is to say, bound for Tuesday), it's still Monday nonetheless. Do I make sense? I guess so, but if not, then I'll redeem myself by giving you a whooping 1,100 EC credits this time, right now!


Every Monday I hold this Mindcracking Monday Monster (MMM) quiz, and I give 250 Entrecard credits to the first one who correctly answers the logic quiz, and another 100 Entrecard credits for the raffle to give those who tried and yet gave the wrong answer a chance to win credits too. Week 3's MMM might be a tough one, as the correct answer wasn't guessed, so by Week 4, I added clues to make the quiz easier, and I guess it was indeed easier as the correct answer was nearly given. But still, it was wrong: it's lacking something.

So because each week we'll be giving away 250 EC credits plus the 100 for the raffle, and since the last two weeks' quiz hadn't been answered correctly, the prize now amounts to 750 EC credits for the first one who will finally correctly answer last last week's number logic quiz. And 300 EC credits, for the lucky one who will win the raffle. It should be known that the raffle is only held once the correct answer has been given, and anyone who submitted their answers, whether right or wrong, is qualified for the raffle. So that only means that aside from the 750 EC credits that you can win, another 300 EC credits is also for you if you're that lucky. Oh that happened to Gautam Hans (get your prize now boy, it's waiting for you here): he won main prize (having guessed the right answer) and the raffle. And assuming you won, you will get an additional 50 credits when you post to your blog your winning of this contest, just like Heidi of ShopDogDiaries. That's a whooping 1,100 credits all in all that's up for grabs. And that's not all, your 125 x 125 image ad will be displayed on my sidebar until new sets of winners are determined.

Answer this quiz now and be nimble and quick, be the first one to answer it right...

(Note: All entries/attempts/answers that we're given by our participants in Week 3 and 4 are still eligible for the raffle. Please follow instructions carefully.)

Don't forget to subscribe (email/RSS) to this blog to be alerted of MMM's release to be the first one to give the right answer.

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Whose heart wouldn't frolick?

frolicking heart wedding invitationWedding is one of the most celebrated time of one's life that couples would even spend a great deal of money to make that day special and worth cherishing. Even the relatives are as excited as the bride and groom themselves that they help in the preparation for such wonderful event—from choosing a picturesque venue to finding the best designers in town for the gowns and suit to be utilized, and also the choosing for the motiff and invitations.

Talking about wedding invitation cards, I have been very keen on noticing how invitation cards today look that sometimes I would even laugh to myself how silly some cards appear and sometimes too I could not help but criticize some of them. Yeah, call me harsh but my eyes only approve of the good-looking.

If my wedding day comes (if that really would arrive, that is), I would choose an invitation card that is simple yet elegant, like this 1st class wedding invitation called “Frolicking Heart.” It looks pristine and calm, and it soothes the eyes. And whose heart wouldn't actually frolick in joy at such a wonderful time of your life, the wedding?

Actually, there are more contemporary wedding invitations in that particular site for you to choose from, if you're on your way to wedding. Cherish that grandest time of your life being in love with someone by letting your wedding attendees cherish it with cards that look oh so pure.

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I got it all for free.. and I may be moving

goodbye dog cartoonI thought moving on in love is the only move that is hard to do. But now I realized that moving on to a new site is as difficult as that stupid love's moving on.

I acquired my new site with its own domain My Online Asylum through Hyperwebenable. Yes, they offer not only free domain registration but also web hosting. You just have to fill an online form what it is that you want, whether it's a blog, forum, content management (CMS), ImageGalleries, Wiki, classifieds, polls and surveys and whatnots, just name it and they will reply to you via email, as technical support is entirely by email and they're good at it.

Sounds too good be true, all free blogging?

It was actually around two months ago when I happened to pass by a blog that spoke of Hyperwebenable, about how he got his own domain for free, how he's moved on from his own Blogger (blogspot) blog, how it was easy to import the posts, and a lot more. It was really enticing, and so I signed up myself.

There I was, filling up the online forms, and because I was skeptical about the site that time, I wisely chose a domain name which I am sure I would not regret if ever they will register it for me and then they'll claim it back. Well, in times like these you should be cautious about the freebies online... And they registered it for me right away after I confirmed that I really wanted that domain.

Even though they had put my own site already last January, I didn't move from here to there as yet. I know I still have a lot to learn and find my way in Wordpress, as I am not used to it, plus the skepticism still resided in me. Nonetheless, I recommended the site to my friend who now enjoys the benefits of Hyperwebenable with his site Mckhoii.

I want to move now to my new domain but some things are stopping. If I did, I'd go all the way back to zero, from my Alexa traffic rank, site construction, links, and a whole lot more. Although I was kind of discouraged by fellow bloggers about how unsafe it would be if I'd go for Hyperwebenable than going for 000webhost (offers free web hosting only, you need to have your own registered domain first, which is they say is good as you can transfer server anytime you want unlike Hyperwebenable in which they entirely own your domain), I have found a way to safeguard my blog and entries if they really would take the site away from me, and that is backing up all my posts...

I am now decided to move. The only problem is that I'll get all back to zero. How sad. I wanted to just buy my own domain here in Blogger but this platform is just not my type (especially the commenting area, it's more convenient for visitors to comment in Wordpress...).

All the more I am thanking Blogger for serving as my asylum. It is where I started blogging. It's where I learned how to blog effectively. It is the first platform where I was able to make money through blogging... I owe a lot to Blogger, and it's really hard to move on. Yet I have to, one of these days.

I love you Blogger...

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Brand name prescription drugs or the generics?

prescription drugs and medicineOver the generic drugs, I personally choose brand name prescription drugs. True, the generics are priced way cheaper than the branded ones, but to me the higher the price and the more trusted the drug name or its company, the more it matters, even as they say they have just the same effect. It is just that I am quite cautious of many unbranded drugs that been sold left and right everywhere. I fear these drugs only live up to its price and not exactly their essential effects.

If you happen to prefer the branded over the generic drugs also and if you are used to shopping online, you might want to try buying for drugs. No, not the evil drugs. You can buy brand name prescription drugs at guaranteed lowest prices on the internet in a safe, secure, private and convenient way. An example of an online pharmacy that provides this is eDrugstore, which sells only authentic FDA-approved medications to protect your health, and no generics. You can even ask a physician of theirs, and their physicians and pharmacists are US-licensed and they offer free medical consultations.

They also have various essential articles on health that you scan, and you can also browse for brand name drugs for men's health (like the famous Viagra), women's health, weigh loss, pain relief, sexual health, gastrointestinal, skin care, sleep aids, smoking cessation and influenza.

When you buy affordable drugs from eDrugstore, you can even get discounts. For example, if you buy Viagra online, they will take $20 off the retail price after your first order. That's a lot of savings, and this is generally applicable to online prescriptions, too.

Why chose the generics over the safe brand name prescription drugs when you can get the latter for an affordable price? If the lowest prices for FDA-approved online prescriptions are what exactly you're looking for, eDrugstore is the site to visit.

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Where to now, nurses?

nurses at work“I do not want to work as a nurse yet.”

This is what I always reply during interviews whenever I apply for work that is not Nursing-related. Heck, if you’re planning to work as a nurse in the Philippines you still need to undergo trainings, with which you’ll be the one to pay the hospital, instead of the hospital paying you. That sucks, doesn’t it? And even when you’re already a regular employee, you don’t get compensated very well.

That’s why my friends and I ventured into applying for some jobs. While most Filipinos perceive Nursing as a great escape from poverty to financial wealth by working abroad, we say “we’re not in a hurry.”

Even before the result for the December 2007 Nursing board exam was out, my friends and I applied in some agencies and companies that’s not necessarily related to our course. The first one that I applied for was in People Support, a call center agency, but I messed up during the final interview (I passed the initial interview and exam). Oh I guess they really don’t want nurses in their company lest they will just resign after a few months.

After passing another call center interview (and I already took their exam), we have also looked into the matter on medical transcriptionist. At least this is related to our course, and I enjoyed listening to a recorded doctor’s order and transcribing it. The sad thing is that we need to enroll first for 3 months. My golly, I thought we’d already be hired as we’re registered nurses already! And for that three-month schooling, we need to pay 17,500. I guess my pocket that time protested…

So now I am still officially unemployed, and I am quite confused what to take for a job. Following are the potential jobs for me in the country, their advantages and disadvantages, and after reading them through, perhaps, you can help me decide which one to take.

Adv: my field of study
Disadv: tiresome, with insufficient compensation

Adv: enhances my speaking and listening skills to foreign language, a good training for the IELTS exam for nurses, pays good
Disadv: mostly graveyard shifts, very stressful, not course-related

Adv: course-related, enhances listening skills for doctor’s order, good training for IELTS, pays very good
Disadv: does not enhance my Nursing and caring skills, needs to study (school) first for three months

Err.. I am confused. So where to now, nurses? Where are we going? I’m bored of this unemployed life already…

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