Who dared search my name? Answer me!

I can't remember whether or not I was a superstar, a rock star perhaps, or had been a very influential person before. All I know is that I am living a completely private world devoid of sneaking paparazzi and the like. I also don't belong to a library, nor had at any time took home a book borrowed from one. But there was something that befell yesterday that made me think that, somehow, I may be famous. Or am I just being delusional?

Look, whenever I view my site, this site, I always check the Visitor Count column in the footer to see where the visitors come from, and if the page views are increasing favorably. But then there was this one link, which made me jumped on my feet (and that's figure of speech, baby). And more than jumping, it got me puzzled as much as I was with how long the mother chipmunks really care for their babies until they are good to go on their own.

Now look at the picture below, and if it's not clear click on it to enlarge. (Right click it and hit open in a new tab, so you won't be flown to another page, leaving this one.)

name search
Look on the first or at the topmost link on the Visitor Count, as indicated by arrow. The visitor came from Google.com.ph, and to make it more specific, he (or she) is from Manila. What could he had been searching for that he was taken to my blog.

Now look at the status bar, as indicated with another arrow. He was searching for my name online, and he wrongly spelled as he keyed in my name: Caezar Balatero. It should be Caesar. Well, as I visited the link source myself, Google knows my name: it says "do you mean caesar balatero?" Bravo, Google!

But back to the issue, who could the seeker be? I don't know anyone who happens to be in Manila that knows me that much, or that wrongly much, as evidenced by the misspelled name, but my aunt who is, I think, in Pasay City. But it isn't likely she would search for my name online as she is not that techie and well-versed with all these computer stuffs, and she knows my name's spelling, for heaven's sake! I've been to Luzon only twice, too: the first time being in my last year at high school where we competed for the National Intel Philippines Science Fair at Diliman, Quezon City and the other one during my third year in college for the Ayala Young Leaders Congress. Other places we've visited during those times were Tagaytay City and Rizal.

So who could that eager seeker really be? I can only rely on my guesswork. But whatever that for, I hope it's a good sign, a very good sign, for something I have been so eagerly waiting for, something that would change my life. And I am not telling it until it's finally out...

Although sometimes (four times I think) I get reports on my live traffic feed widgets some Google search results of the query that spelled "my consoling asylum" (I don't know who could be searching the blog name on Google), this one is really puzzling, as it already involved my name.

He could be an admirer, a suitor, a stalker or what, but I'm praying he brings good news... And I will pray this post will call his attention, because I am shouting "WHO DARED SEARCH MY NAME? ANSWER ME!"

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joanjoyce said...

Congrats Zang you officially now have a stalker lol :D

Zang said...

hahaha.. looks like it. i hope so. LOL

Alphie said...

Hi Zang,

I read through part of this blog entry you made. It brought to mind a poster I saw a long time ago. The poster read:

Just because you're paranoid it does not mean they are not out to get you.

It also makes me think of some e-mail messages I've traded with a guy in mainland China. He had mentioned he could not see my Flickr pages. And went on to say in a round about way that e-mail to and from China may be monitored. Here in the US we have an amendment to our constitution that reads:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Strange thing, that jackass in our White House (what color is the Filipine President's official residence?) and his cronies in the Congress seem to have forgotten that law of the land and passed the Patriot Act.

Sorry I can't help you as to who from Manila might be. It was not me..... but what kind of stuff will I find if I do run a Google search on your name? ;-) A search on mine brings up stuff about sailing and SUNY Maritime College :-)

Zang said...

hi alphie,

yeah, i knew it wasn't you. well, you gotta try searching my name on Google to see what you will get. hehe. but basically, you'll be given results that links to my blogs, and also to the blog in which my full name appeared

t3ss4 said...

Zang ^__^ meh admirer ka! hehe. hmmm... maybe that someone read about your name and your blog, got curious/interested and searched further :) But I hope you'll get to know who this mystery person is :D

Zang said...

sana nga admirer! kakaturn off lang, mali ang spelling ng name ko. well cguro, he had read my blog and searched further who really is me. ewan ko ba sa kanya, kung sino xa, magpakilala na xa!

iSeL said...

wow admirer. malapit pa naman na valentines. XD

Zang said...

oo nga no, lapit na pala valentines. hehe.. pero wala pa sa plano ko ang magkaroon ng lovelife. career na muna

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