Tag Tuesday: Revenge of a Broken Heart and Entrecard User ID

broken and bleeding heartAte JoanJoyce tagged me about the Revenge of a Broken Heart. I promised to do it on Tuesday of last week but I was kind of busy those times and had been thinking how am I gonna do the tag. I think what I mean is that in a way the names mentioned (or the owner of the pictures shown will not know, haha).

The rules:

* Post a picture of your EX (ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, MU, crush or whoever it is that you hate for hurting you in the past or present) and then answer the questions below. PAYBACK time!
* TAG as many as you can!

Ken ryan dizonHere's Ken, the one referred to by the answers to the tag questions. And here are the questions to the tag:

1. Have you forgiven him/her already? - Yeah. It's been two years and it's really heavy bringing with you everyday the hate for someone.

2. Do you regret ever meeting him/her? - Why would I? It was great having been a part of him twice (we broke up twice).

3. Describe him/her in three words: - Funny, a gentleman, and cool.

4. Are you over him/her? - Yes, but not so much I think. Somehow there's this part in me that still longs for him, although bringing it all back has a very thin chance to happen.

5. Would you give him/her a second chance? - I already did. You mean third chance? Perhaps...

6. Would you visit him/her if he/she gets hospitalized? - If I have the time and if I am allowed.

7. What if he/she died? Iiyak ka ba? - No. I'm not a crybaby. I didn't even cry on my grandparents burial, let alone death. I don't cry in public.

8. Have you tried to cheat on him/her? - I think so. LOL. But he too cheated on me. So we're square, but not really as my "cheating" was not really cheating.

9. Have you lied to him/her? - White lies.

10. Your wish to that person: - Happiness in whatever he does, and that he may find what his heart really longs for in life, in love, in his career...

P.S. I hope I am going to make this tag the next time with this person below.

harrison harry ruizThis is Harry, and I hate it that we're far: he's in Butuan and I am in Tagum. We've been friends even before I entered college, up to now, so that's more or less four (4) years. And we met only in a chatroom, but look how far has that chat gone! Anyway, we're good friends and we're cool; we're texting almost every time...

With this meme, I am tagging Mckhoii, Makoy, Cecil, Juliana, Tessa, Anah, Monaco, Isel, Denis and Itot. It's time you do your Revenge of the Broken Hearts tag.


Here's another tag meme I want to start, like I started the How Filipino Are You? tag. This is entitled Entrecard User ID Number. With this you will know that you are the nth person to join the phenomenal Entrecard, for example my user ID number is 500, meaning I am the 500th person to join Entrecard.

The rule is simple. Go to your Entrecard and click the Get Code tab. In the widget code there's the user_id=500, as in my case. Or you can access your Entrecard widget in your sidebar and look for your user id. After that, add your user ID number below. Be sure to place your number in a way that it will appear hierarchical.

Example: if your Entrecard user id is 499, then place your number and blog (and also the link) above my entry. As I am starting this meme, I put mine first.

*start copy here*

Entrecard User ID meme

500 = My Consoling Asylum
3283 = Blogger-Aid

*end copy*

After adding your blog, tag as many Entrecard users as you want to do this tag. Don't be stingy, just add your links. And with this you only have to tag Entrecard users, so I am tagging:
JoanJoyce, McKhoii, Makoy, Cecil, Juliana, Tessa, Anah, Monaco, Isel, Denis and Itot. Tag as many Entrecard users as you wish.

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10 comments Links to this post

joanjoyce said...

oi ang wafu ni Harry ahhh reserve na ba sayo yan? ;)

Zang said...

hahaha... grabe na man yung reserve. i wish! we're just friends.... close friends... haha, showbiz...

joanjoyce said...

pssst kaw pala kay John Chow ngayon ah hehehe sosi :P

Zang said...

laos na si john chow... eh ende nga xa nakakapagdrive ng maraming entrecarders to my site eh.. ang hinihintay ko ay yung sa iyo na widget. im sure marami akong mapapala tong drops pag nashow na ad ko sa EC widget mo

joanjoyce said...

oi pag walang naibigay walang sisihan ha :P

itot54joni said...

zang senxa ka na kasi di talaga ako nagawa ng tag at meme.para makabawi ako sayo e ilalagay kita dun s featured pinoy blog s pinoy entrecard.1 week yun.senxa n tlaga bro.

Zang said...

@ joanjoyce - la akong pagsisisihan cuz im sure dadamit traffic ko pag ang blog ko ang nasa widget mo

@ itot - ok lang yun, di naman ibig sabihin na kung na tag ka required na gawin mo. nasa sa iyo na iyon... ang importante naalaala kita. hehe.. thanks in advance.. i will be watching it.

itot54joni said...

salamt po.sasali ako kung royal rumble yan.ahehehe.bigla naging wrestling!ahehehe.regrds!

Anonymous said...

bat may pic ako dyan?? kakahiya naman.. hekhekhek..
kaw gyud zang.. heeeee

Zang said...

@ itot - wrestling pala ha! hehe

@ harry - sus, wonder ka pa... eh alam mo naman bakit... wag ka magmaang-maangan! :)

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