Tag Tuesday: Returning the Favors Three Times

First I would like to thank the following persons who participated in a tag meme that I initiated. It was entitiled “How Filipino Are You?”. Out of twelve whom I tagged, only four of them responded. And they are Cecil, Tessa, Anah and Christian Bryan. And it's good to know that from these people, there are some who responded, so I am thanking Juliana, and all those who responded whom I can no longer track as the tracking code (aswang) has been lost on the way. I hope Cecil, Tessa, Anah, Christian Bryan and Juliana will inform me about those who responded to their tag meme of "How Filipino Are You?" so I can thank everyone and also see how far the list have gone. It's really important. And for those whom I tagged who has not responded yet (JoanJoyce, Monaco, Makoy, Chuy, JoyJoy, IdealPinkRose, Bariles and Tsaiko), please check the original post to see how it works.

Second, Ate JoanJoyce has tagged me so many times and still I have not yet done the meme. So here I will try to do what I feel like doing.

She tagged me about Entrecard Filipino and Non-Filipino Users. Here's my shot:

  • Tell us why you’re using Entrecard
  • Tag 3-5 bloggers you know who are using Entrecard
  • Return the favor by dropping your card on theirs
  • Copy this game/meme on your entry and by the end of your entry, simply add your blog/s that are using Entrecard/s. This is a networking game, so please don’t be stingy with your links.
  • Lastly, simply add your blogs after mine.
***End of game***

My answer: I use Entrecard because it has driving me a lot of traffic everyday. Plus it was only with Entrecard that I got connected to many other bloggers as I hop on to their sites.

Include in your entry: Thesserie & 2 | iRonnie | Rose | Ambo | KotsengKuba | joanjoyce | myconsolingasylum | add yours next!

With this, I am tagging Makoy, Bendz and Paulo.

Third, I have to thank JoanJoyce and Tessa for these awards.

Thanking JoanJoyce again for these:
And thanking Tessa again for this:
All these awards I forward to: Monaco, Makoy, Chuy, JoyJoy, IdealPinkRose, Bariles, Tsaiko, Anah, Christian Bryan, and Juliana. The contract is for the friendship you share with me in the blogosphere.

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Pinay WAHM said...

Hey Zang...

Oo nga at ang hirap i track kung sinong nag respond.

I believe two [Emma and Recel, although I have to double check on that] of those I tagged did with 1 [Tess] who was tagged twice -by me and Anah I believe.

Musta ka na?

Ate J

anah said...


I will let you know pag na track down ko na lahat k? Musta na dyan? ETo ako buhay pa hehe! Gusto uwi pinas - letseng weder dito.

Anyway, have a wonderful week! :)



joanjoyce said...

may tag ka pala sa akin di ko alam :D sa sunday na po ha :P

Zang said...

@ juliana - nawala kasi ang tracking code na "aswang". mayroon kasi ung link sa blog ko, para madali kong makita kung sino ang nagrespond.

@ anah - ano na ba weder dyan ngayon? sorry ha, wala kami niyan sa Pinas. hehehe... but see, miss mo na ang Pinas!

@ joanjoyce - no probs, ate! eh ako nga eh kahapon ko lang nagawa mga tag mo sa akin. dami na pala. hehe

Pinay WAHM said...

Hey Zang...

Musta ang Vday mo? Memorable ba? I hope so.

Ingat lagi.


Zang said...

hindi memorable, la akong ginawa kundi inasikaso ko Eon cyberaccount ko. di ko pa kasi nawiwithdraw paypal money ko.

joseph said...

hello! everyone please do visit my blog & dont forget me to add on ur blogroll, pls inform me if u do so.. thanks! :D

Zang said...

joseph, ur site's currently down

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