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Viral marketing helps a lot in increasing traffic to a blog or website, thereby relatively increasing readers and brand awareness. Over a short period of time, various viral marketing sites have sprouted like mushroom in an attempt to help popularize the not-so known products services and web addresses.

Personally I have signed-up for a number of traffic booster sites, and I choose too well what can possibly bring or give me the particular thing or result that I want. Just recently, I signed up for BuzzFuse, a site where not only your post can get attention but as well as original picture and songs that it had me thinking that, perhaps, one of these days this might be YouTube’s nightmare. We can only guess, though.

What really caught my eye at BuzzFuse is that particular box in its sidebar that sports a delicious treat of nothing better than an amount of $3500 to be given away, though in splits. But hey, if you just look at it, there is $500 for the best blog post, $500 to the best song and another $500 to the best image/cartoon. We’re in for a treat! And just by registering your favorite original works—pictures and songs—you can pocket one of those prizes for this month. Now that’s really cool. Don’t get left behind, and don’t be a wet blanket to anyone who has just joined. Sign up yourself!

This post brought to you by BuzzFuse
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t3ss4 said...

I Think I'm gonna give this site a shot :D Thanks for sharing :)

Zang said...

yeah, i think you should.

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