Mindcracking Monday Monster #3: Winning the Lottery

lotteryIt's Monday once again, so it's time to slay another Mindcracking Monday Monster again. This logic quiz is again calling you to play by numbers baby, but in a different way than the previous two monsters.

As usual, 250 Entrecard credits is to be given away to the one who answers this one first, and another 100 Entrecard credits to whoever wins the raffle, and the entries to this raffle are no other than those who participates in this quiz, by way of their posted-as-comment attempts to give the answer, whether right or wrong.

Are you ready to slay this Monday's number monster? Warm up and put on your thinking caps!

Here's the quiz:

Mr. Richard Richards is known to be the richest man in their village, but he thinks that there are a lot more money in the world and he still hasn't got them. In the hope of raking a big amount of money, he bought a lottery ticket and to his enormous surprise, he won the lottery, with a prize bigger than Robert and Tanya Harris's of Georgia. Guess how much Mr. Richards has won.

US$ _ _ _, _ _ _, _ _ _, _ _ _, _ _ _.00

The clues:
1. As figured above, his winning is 15-digit.
2. The cents' and dimes' places are already filled out.
3. Four zeros digits are strategically placed in the last blanks in four of the five three-digit separations.
4. The first digit from the left is not similar with the first digit in the right.
5. All numbers from 0 - 9 exist in Mr. Richards's winning.
6. The fourth digit from the left is similar with the fifth digit from the right, and this number is one less than the sixth digit from the right.
7. The seventh digit from the left is the sum of the penultimate and third digits from the right.
8. The fifth digit from the left is similar with the first digit from the left.
9. The seventh and eighth digits from the right equals to 5, with one of them three greater than the other.
10. When all three digits in each comma separation are added, here are the sums:
  • first three from the left = 5
  • first three from the right = 15
  • second three from the left = 8
  • second three from the right = 11
  • center three = 14
  • 11. When all digits are added, they equal to 53.

    Once you have your answer, enter it as comment, in digit form and also in words. Let's see how well you can put it into words.

    So there you have it! Answer this one immediately before anyone does, and be this week's (Week 3) Mindcracking Monday Master and get a free advert on my sidebar for two weeks, like the one you see now.

    Don't forget to subscribe to us to get the latest MMM, and that's every Monday!

    (I am calling on Gautam Hans of MonetizeUrWebsite to give us his Entrecard user id so I can give him his 350 credits for winning both last week's MMM and raffle. I can't find your profile in EC man, I'm sorry. Your prize is just waiting for you, nonetheless.)

    (Updated: This quiz is still MMM Week 4's quiz. New prizes, as stated in the update, apply.)

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    8 comments Links to this post

    mckhoii said...

    How I wish I'll win ECs too!

    Zang Caesar said...

    you solve this to win! and even if you don't get this right, you still have the chance for the raffle.

    heidi said...

    uh... stumped! based on the available clues except #5, I come up with 104,314,914,434,276.00, but the 2 and the 7 might be reversed since there's nothing to confirm their placement.

    Zang said...

    hi heidi, thanks for giving it a shot. and yeah, clue number 5 isn't true in your answer. i guess you should do it again.

    heidi said...

    ok I give up! what did I miss?

    Wess Stewart said...

    But it's so simple...

    The answer is 42.

    Yep. 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything.

    I suppose I win.

    What was the question, again?

    Zang Caesar said...

    @ heidi - u just missed something, just a little thing. i am not saying your answer is wrong or right, but u just missed something.

    @ wess - ur a joke. that's not even close to the correct answer. LOL

    Tyler said...

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    Check it out!

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