Mindcracking Monday Monster #2: A Fierce Arachnid

arachnid, spiderIt's Monday once again, so it's time for another Mindcracking Monday Monster. But first of all, I must apologize for the delay in posting this that we are already around 3 hours close to Tuesday. Nonetheless, it is still Monday and the Monster to slay has already arrived, with its legs ready to tangle and knit your brains to a shutdown... if you can't beat it.

What's up for grabs? The usual: 250 Entrecard credits to the first one to give the correct answer, and 100 Entrecard credits to the one who's lucky enough to win the raffle. All you have to do is figure out this number logic and leave your answer as comment. If you're not sure of your answer, don't fret as every answer left as comment, whether right or wrong, is qualified for the raffle.

The winner last Monday was Heidi of Shop Dog Diaries, and you can see on my sidebar a 125 x 125 image ad of her blog. If you can figure out what the correct answer is and you're the first one to give it, an image ad of your blog shall also be posted in my sidebar, and that should stay for two weeks until new winners are determined.

Are you ready to slay the eight-legged Mindcracking Monday Monster #2? Get your pen and paper ready...

Solve this number logic quiz.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


1. This number sequence is composed of eight digits, therefore two digits of the progressive numeral sequence (including zero) are out of the scene.
2. No digit/number appears twice in this sequence.
3. This number sequence works like Fibonacci sequence, only that this one works in a special way in that:
  • The 1st digit plus the 2nd equals to a 2-digit sum, therefore occupying the 3rd and 4th spots

  • The 2nd plus the 3rd digit equals the 5th spots

  • 3rd digit plus the 4th equals the sixth spot

  • 4th plus the 5th digit equals the seventh spot, and

  • 5th plus the 6th digit equals the last spot

4. Three digits are even numbers and five are odd.
5. The first digit is two less than the last digit, so is the sixth to the second digit.
6. The fifth digit is half the sum of the next digit and the last.
7. Spot one + spot eight = 16; spot two + spot seven = 13; spot three + spot six = 4; spot four + spot 5 = 8.
8. The sum of all the numbers in this combination equals 41.

Got it? Have you already figure it out? Are you gonna be the next Mindcracking Monday Master?

Once the correct answer has already been given (although I would not confirm it publicly right away), the raffle will be done the next day on that same time the Monster was slayed (by way of the first correct answer), therefore the cut-off time for raffle entries is a little earlier than the raffle time.

To see other important rules, please visit our Mindcracking Monday Monster first edition.
Photo courtesy of VirtualWorld.

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gautam hans said...

the answer is 75126389
i hope i get it right

Zang said...

well see tomorrow, gautam

turnip said...


turnip said...

argh, too late again.

joanjoyce said...

i envy them, wow!

heidi said...

awww I missed it! Darn it! But yes, 75126389 looks right.

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