Mindcracking Monday Monster #1

Dropping Entrecards seems a very hard work. You can drop 300 at most each day, and that takes so much of your time. Why not answer this logic quiz and win 250 EC credits instantly? If you’re the first one to answer the quiz correctly, then you get 250 EC credits. I know that’s 50 less than what we’re allowed to drop each day, but imagine winning that without taking so much of your time bloghopping and dropping cards.

I am giving only 250 credits for the first one with the correct answer as I will also be giving 100 credits for the raffle. Everyone who answers the quiz, with correct or incorrect answer, is qualified for the raffle, the winner will be announced the following day. Even the 250-credit winner is still eligible for the raffle. That only means that if you’re the first one to comment with the correct answer, you also have the chance to win another 100 credits. Still not cool? Oh once you won the 250 credits, you need to give me a 125x125 image ad of your blog as I will post it in my sidebar under Popular Pages Today with the name Mindcracking Monday Master, and it stays for a week, as this special logic quiz comes every Monday. Oh you can still visit my blog everyday as starting today I will be having cool and easy contests.

So are you ready to take the quiz? Are you ready to slay the Mindcracking Monday Monster and win EC credits? Get your pen and paper now and proceed to the quiz:

Solve this number logic quiz.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _


1. This number sequence is composed of seven digits, therefore three digits of the progressive numeral sequence (starting from and including zero) are out of this combination.
2. No digit/number appears twice in this sequence.
3. This number sequence works like Fibonacci sequence, only that this one works in a special way in that:
  • The 1st digit plus the 2nd equals the 3rd digit
  • The 2nd plus the 3rd digit equals to a 2-digit sum, therefore occupying the 4th and 5th spots
  • 3rd digit plus the 4th equals the sixth spot, and
  • 4th plus the 5th digit equals the last spot
4. Four digits are even numbers; three are odd.
5. The first digit is half of the fifth digit.
6. The last digit is one less than the second digit, and the third digit is also one less than the sixth.
7. Spot one + spot seven = 7; spot two + spot six = 15; spot three + spot 5 = 12
8. The sum of all the numbers in this combination equals 35.
9. Spots 2, 3, 5 and 6 have a closed space or two in their illustrated figure.
10. If you go back to clue #1, the three excluded numbers are mentioned there.

Got the answer right? If so, leave your answer as comment before anybody else does and you already won 250 EC credits if you got it right. If not, then you still can win 100 credits for the raffle. Cut-off for the raffle is 12 MN tonight. So hope upon hope you’ll win. And don’t forget to come back here every Monday for the Mindcracking Monday Monster episodes. Don’t forget to drop by here everyday as I have other surprises, too!

Note: If you have many attempts to the quiz, it would be better to enter your answers as separate comments, so you have many entries to the raffle. One comment, one entry. No duplication of same answer by same blog (not author).

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Buddy and His Mom said...


joanjoyce said...

tama ba yung answer ni buddy? honestly di ko binasa kasi di nag fufunction ung brain ko sa mga ganyan lol! may dementia na kasi ako e :D

gautam hans said...

i worked it out but buddy has already given the answer

bendz said...

ang hirap naman

oh eto sagot ko..

1. n
2 (7-n)+1
3 n+[(7-n)+1]
4 12- {n+[(7-n) +1]}
5 2n
6 {n+[7-n)+1]}+1
7 7-n

Ewan. Check mo na lang yan.

bendz said...

di pwede ang 2

excempted ang 0,1 and 2 given the first conditon

my answer is supposed to be 3584694

kaso lang bumalik ang 4

Zang said...

@ buddy and his mom - thanks for leaving your answer. that will be included in the raffle... and also 250 credits if you got it right.

@ joanjoyce - dementia? LOL. i'm not telling about the correct answer yet until tomorrow. anyway, i think u don't need 250 credits anymore, i know u have a lot of them. hehe.

@ gautam hans - if you think buddy has already given the answer (and by that you also imply that she wins the 250 credits) you can still leave here your answer so you will get to the raffle.

@ bendz - ano yan, polynomials? LOL. anyway, as you left your answer here, that one is already qualified for the raffle, and if that's the correct answer, u won 250 EC credits tomorrow.

@ bendz again - and this is yet again another entry. so all in all, we kind of only have 3 ENTRIES? Oh my, i wish ate joanjoyce and gautam left their answer.

joanjoyce said...

mr balatero sabi ng entrecard bawal daw mag replicate ng entrecard widget for poject wonderful kaya sinabihan kita kasi ganon ka hehehe..

Zang said...

oo nga ate, nabasa ko. hahaha... pinalitan ko na... kala ko ok lang

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