Mindcracking Monday Master for Week 2

This Monday's eight-legged monster has already been slayed, for not longer than an hour while it was busy knitting brains. I guess the monster wasn't strong enough to boggle our Mindcracking Monday Monster fans.

So who slayed it first? Who won the 250 Entrecard credits? Who won the raffle?

Heidi, who killed our first Monster, got the right answer again, and so is Turnip. But Gautam Hans beat them by time. They all got it right, but only Gautam wins the 250 credits, as he was the first one to give it right.

And as for the raffle, here were the entries:

#1 - Gautam Hans
#2 - Turnip
#3 - Heidi

And here's the screenshot of the number randomly drawn by Random.org.
Entry #1 won the raffle, and its Gautam Hans once again. So Gautam will receive not only 250 Entrecard credits but also 100 credits. So that's 350 credits.

Congratulations Gautam! You're so lucky! I tried visiting your blog to inform you about this but I can't find any link to comment there. If you make a post about this contest, how easy this is, how often this is done, what are the prizes... you'll get 50 credits more. So 350 and 50, you add! That's a lot easier than slaying the Monster! Tell your friends about this and how you became this week's (Week 2) Mindcracking Monday Master.

Please also provide me with your 125 x 125 image ad so I can put it in my sidebar, next to Heidi's ShopDogDiaries.

Don't forget to come back here every Monday for the Monster, all you MMM fans!

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gautam hans said...

here is the link to my website


Zang said...

what's ur blog name in Entrecard so i can search for it and send you your prize?

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