Let's be painting while aiming and shooting

paintball tournamentGet your gears on and prepare for a fun and un-deadly war… with paintball. Sure it hurts a little but with proper gears on, it’ll be more of the fun than the little thuds and heavy splashes of colors on your armors.

And as for the weapons, go get a gun like Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 Custom, Smart Parts Ion, and some spyder guns like Spyder Pilot ACS. There’s also DYE, Empire, JT USA, Ariakon, Halo, GXG, and Draxxus paintball gears and equipments. Ultimate Paintball has other discount paintball supplies and paintball accessories too, and recently, paintball grenades, vests and pistols have been added to their ever growing product line-up. They even have the killer paintball gun packages. And what’s nicer, they offer the best prices with free shipping.

If you’d buy me some of these equipments, I would say no to every challenge you have for me because it is really fun aiming and shooting while at the same time painting abstracts.

This post brought to you by Ultimate Pinball.
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joanjoyce said...

i like airsoft more than paintball kasi don pag tinamaan ka pasa pasa at sugat sugat ka talaga waaaaaa sadista aketch :P

Zang said...

naku, sadista ka pala. mas gusto ko paintball kasi messy... lalo na pag kalaro mo boypren mo ng hubot hubad tas sabay kayo ligo dalawa pagkatapos. haha

-Wendy- said...

i've wanted to try this ever since i saw that paintball scene in "10 things i hate about you" with julia stiles and the late heath ledger. it looked so fun and messy! my husband loves airsoft though. pero ang sakit nun pag tumama e.

Zang Caesar said...

haha.. sadista pala husband mo. LOL

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