How easy is it to get a loan?

Whenever I see the TV commercial of BDO, it always reminds me of my plans of getting a loan, although as of now it seems obscure as I am a bummer at the moment and don't have a good amount of cash rolling in. But time will come that I will always come back to this plan: to get a loan to get my parents a new, more comfortable home, start a good business, and also perhaps get them a car. Well, to dream is free...

Business loans, car loans, personal loans... Ahh, they sound good to my ears. Since I ventured into blogging, I have known quite more clearly how loans operate, especially online. I am now acquainted of what Unsecured Loan means. Contrary to what I perceived it is, which by the name unsecured it meant for me that it is not reliable, I now understand that it means no collateral entailment. What's nice about applying online loans is that you can easily get approved for as short as 24 hours and 48 hours at maximum, with no application fees and hidden charges, and with low interest rates. Plus, there are about 8,500 lenders to choose from.

So I guess when I finally would be able to pay back any loan incurred, I will try applying online. Just wait till I have a stable job, and all my dreams and plans for me and family will soon be of reach. What I need as of the moment is more knowledge about this loan thingy, lest I am missing some essential aspects of it.

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joanjoyce said...

may ops ako di ko alam ang gagawin hehe buti ka pa blogging ops to the maximum level ha :D

Jam said...

Na-add na rin kita sa blogroll ko. Thanks!

Zang said...

@ joanjoyce - uu nga, at least ngayon na bummer ako may pinagkakaabalahang pagblog2. sa susunod, part-time blogger nlang ako pag makahanap na ng trabaho.

@ jam - you're welcome

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