A Gratiturium of a Newly Registered Nurse

poem of gratitude

Gratiturium – (noun, singular) an official list of the people that one wants to thank or extend gratitude to, especially during moments of success and joy. Gratituria, plural.

Go gather your Merriam-Webster or Oxford dictionaries and you might as well react that gratiturium is not a word. Well, it really is not! I just coined the word as I reckon no better words—not even acknowledgment or thanksgiving—than that can actually fit to the meaning to what I dearly feel as of the moment. The word acknowledgment isn't just enough; for me it only means acknowledging or determining, while thanksgiving is the act of giving thanks. I mean, is there any word that means “an official list of the people to be thanked for”? I guess there isn't. So I coined the word, and trust me, the word might be used by someone one of these days. I hope. (If some authors made it before, then why can't I?)

Anyway, this gratiturium is in lieu with my passing the December 2007 Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam yesterday. If not with these people, I wouldn't be a Registered Nurse now...

To my Papa, who, no matter how tired and challenging his job may be, still works just so to support me in school and during my reviews, that no matter how stressed he may get he pursues to work hard. The lines on your face may tell your age but your love for me knows no age.

To my Mama, whose prayers at night are very fervent, whose love for me is so deep no ocean can level and whose perseverance and sacrifice I have always depended (she washes my clothes, does many things to me more than any caring mothers do).

To my sister, Christina,who has been patient all the time and not complaining from all our parents' insufficiencies to her schooling because of my Nursing endeavor, who has been obedient with my pleas and requests, and who has been so industrious at doing the household chores every day. Don't worry sis, once I get a job I will be the one to support you to your studies all the way to your graduation. That's the best I can do.

To my brother, who strives to help Papa support me financially during my review. Our parents may be unfair for giving their attention more to my studies than yours and sister's but you (including sister) did not look at it that way. I will try my best to live up to all your expectations.

To my grandparents, whose faith in me during their living days did not at all falter, and instead have grown stronger with time. I offer you this success of mine, my ever wonderful ascendants. I promise I will make our clan honorable and proud.

To my uncle Edgar for informing me, five years ago, about the scholarship offered by the city government. If it weren't for that scholarship, I wouldn't have become a registered nurse now. And also to my aunt Nita, his wife, for accompanying me years back in smoothing my family's BIR tax exemption, which was a requirement for the scholarship.

To Alphie, a very generous friend of mine, for helping me out financially during the most crucial times on my review course and for being always there to give me support and love, for being such a good friend from the start. (Wow, I can never imagine how long we've been friends already; I know it's only online but it matters a lot to me.)

To my friends Joyce, Tessa, Mckhoii, Gretchen, Zyra, Alex, Lani, and Princess for the inspiration and happiness.You've been so great guys! I had wonderful times with you. They may not last physically for ever but the memories will.

To Papa Doods and Mama Daads (Aunt Eva) of St. Luke's Dormitory, for providing us every day sumptuous foods for our nourishment, for waking up very early during the licensure examination days so that we have something to bring to eat at our testing centers, and also for being our second parents while away from our families.

To St. Luke's Dormitory, for the warmth and coolness you provide us every day while away from our origin cities. We had so many experiences there.

To my school, St. Mary's College of Tagum City, and its administration and staff, especially the Nursing program, for honing me not only to become a nurse but as an integral person. My spirituality could not have been any stronger if not with the Marian community.

To my classmates, for all the times we shared—good or bad, in joys and sorrows.

To St. Jude Thaddeus, my generous patron, for being my intercessor, along with Mother Mary, so that my prayers to God were reinforced.

And last but not the least, to God Almighty, whose love is the greatest, deepest and sincerest. You love me for who I am and who I can't be. The glory is yours forever, and I will always offer you my every success and failure, for your greater glory...

(Picture courtesy of Srichinmoypoetry)

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the menace said...

i like the word. lets all spread the word... What is it agin? GRATITURIUM! yey

joanjoyce said...

gratitarium hehe diba applicable ang acknowledgment lang? hehe nakakaiyak pala talaga ano. i envy you for a family like yours, kaya mag work ka na para matupad mo na mga pangarap mo sa buhay :) AND wag ka muna mag bf magpayaman ka muna ever :P

drahcir said...

congrats new RN! :-)

Have a safe future!

chase / chubz said...

wow... congratz!!
cheers buddy!
make us proud.

na add na kita sa blogroll ko.

add ko rin hap. hehehe
ham & keso

Zang said...

@ denis (the menace) - haha. cge, spread the word, and thanks in advance

@ joanjoyce -parang insufficient ang acknowledgment lang eh. di ko feel, mejo kulang... oo, magpapayaman muna ako... asan na ang corporasyon natin ni Mckhoii? LOL

@ richard - salamat.. kaw n naman next. galingan mo.. itop mo ha? my friends and i desired to be on top pero marami pa mas magaling eh..

@ chase - add rin kita, yaan mo...

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