Fly me to New Zealand, please!

Now that I am a newly registered nurse, care to treat me for a trip overseas, anyone? New Zealand would be great! True, I hadn’t watched any Lord of the Rings movie, nor read its books but I love Narnia! And it so happens that New Zealand, where the magnificent Lord of the Rings scenery is located, is also the place where most of the scenes of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe were filmed. Oh I have always dreamed of going to any of Oceania’s countries.

Assuming you grant my request, it would be great to phone DialAFlight, the leading independent UK travel company, to book the trip, as their flights to New Zealand are so affordable. See, treating me for a trip to New Zealand wouldn’t be so much of a burden. At DialAFlight site’s you can search for flights, hotels, car rentals and many travel ideas as weekend breaks, beach holidays, spa holidays and much more.

Booking with DialAFlight is easy: clients will have to call and speak with one of their UK travel consultants, who will ensure that all requirements are fulfilled so that every client is ensured to have the holiday the way they exactly want it.

New Zealand beaches, hot springs, ski resorts, walking trails, vineyards, lakes, whales and dolphins, here I come! I just need someone to take me there. Ha ha…

This post brought to you by DialAFlight.

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joanjoyce said...

opppps fly me din don lol

Zang said...

fly me there! hehe

MONACO said...

opps pala. intresado pa naman ako!

Zang said...

see? opps xa pero di pala halata at first... hehe... i call that "opp cloaking"...

chase / chubz said...

you hadn't seen the LOTR movies??!!!
i've seen the movies and read the books. its a masterpiece. go watch it.

anyway, my friend just came from NZ. she said its a very nice place. lots of farm land. and cows. hehe..
she even joked that instead of hot and cold switch.. there is water and milk.
i dunno how tru that was.

Zang said...

yep, i hadn't seen the LOTR movies. i must admit i easily get bored with it. perhaps reading the book first will make me interested to watch the movies. but i tried it, and it's just it's not up to my taste. i didn't like the book that i borrowed... the texture, oh it's one great factor for me to read a book... and Tolkien's wordings just not the type of narrative I like. i guess i am so hooked with Mrs. Rowling's way of writing that I got accustomed to it.

i guess another reason is that LOTR 's audience is not really the kids. and it so happened i'm a sucker for children's books.

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