Earth, Wind & Fire will groove in Manila and Cebu

earth wind and fireEarth, Wind & Fire, the most musically accomplished, critically acclaimed, and commercially popular funk bands of the ’70s, will be boogieing in Manila Hotel Tent, Manila Hotel on March 4, 2008 at 7:00 PM (with dinner) and 9:00 PM (without dinner) and in Cebu City Sports Center the following day at 8:00 PM with their “Let’s Groove the Night Away!” tour.

Among their popular songs are “Let’s Groove,” “September,” “Boogie Wonderland,” “Reasons,” “After the Love is Gone,” “Fantasy,” “Shining Star,” and “That’s the way of the World.”

Their songs offer uplifting, poetic lyrics with romantic and playful themes of universal brotherhood, spiritual enlightenment, and sentimental romance.

The group will feature Allan McKay on their tour.

Seat and prices for Manila Hotel concert are as follows:
  • Patron VIP with dinner (Free Seating) – P5,250
  • Patron A with dinner (Free Seating) - P 3,675
  • Patron B (Free Seating) - P2,100
For Cebu City Sports Center, the prices are the following:
  • Patron VIP - P4,200
  • Patron - P3,675
  • Lower Box - 2,835
  • Upper A - 1785
  • Upper B - 840
  • General Admission – 525
For Ticketnet reservation, click here.

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Vincent Versher said...

This is not Earth, Wind and Fire. This is a cover/tribute band. I am the marketing person for EWF and they will be in Japan during this time. It is crucial that you do not submit false advertising and tarnish the name of the Legacy. Please do not use the album cover without permission as to lead people to believe the original EWF is performing. For exact tour dates of EWF you can visit

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Sayang! Fan pa naman akish...

Zang said...

@ vincent - i already replaced the picture. and i must say that it was what i got when I searched for EWF in Wikipedia. i am not to blame, i guess. plus there aren't too many EWF pictures that are indexed in image search at Google. i hope, now that I edited this, I didn't tarnish the EWF's image at all.. i'm a fan... if i weren't i wouldn't have posted their tour sched here.

@ - marcus, anong sayang?

evets said...

That's true. Problem is I heard tickets in Cebu for EWF concert is selling like hotcakes. Check out EWF tour dates in their web site and nowhere are they in Cebu on Mar 5.

Zang Caesar said...

@ evets - err... i found these info i posted on my blog on some other blogs too

sharmaine said...

I've watched the concert last night here in Cebu. It was splendid. For those want to watch in Manila, you better buy your ticket now, for sure you won't regret. It's really awesome! ^_^

Zang Caesar said...

so there really is EWF concert in Cebu. i guess what i post is completely factual

Anonymous said...

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