dNeero opens Reseller Program

Just when I thought of purchasing a reseller plan in web hosting, I had learned today that dNeero now offers Reseller Program. This program allows you to sell Social Surveys to organizations and earn 10% of what they spend on the survey. A survey can cost as little as $100, so assuming you had sold a survey to organization then you get $10.

All you have to do is inform organizations about dNeero.com. Convince them to create a survey of their own. It may be about a product of service, or their market. Once they agree, tell them to apply your Reseller Code in the last step of survey creation, so you’ll get credited for it. Any time the organization pays a blogger or social person through that survey, you’ll earn the 10% commission, which will be added automatically to your dNeero balance (payout is when you’ve reach over $20 and is sent thru your PayPal account).

If you already have a dNeero account, you just have to find the Reseller Program link, and that’s where you can find your Reseller Code. If you’re not a member yet then sign-up now.

For further information, you can check your dNeero account. Meanwhile, here’s my answer to dNeero’s survey about its Reseller Program.

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joanjoyce said...

nabasa ko it as usual di ko na gets :P

Zang said...

di ko rin xado nagets... LOL

joanjoyce said...

LoL din :P

Zang Caesar said...

bahala na si batman

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