The Chipmunk Rockstars

alvin and the chipmunksWhose voice could be any funnier than Alvin’s, Simon’s and Theodore’s? With chipmunky voices like theirs and complemented with casual jokes like eating a piece of round poop for a valid—yet very silly—purpose, farting in front of a man’s face, and inhaling a large amount of helium to change the tone of voice from cute to huge, who wouldn’t giggle? The truth is, Alvin, Simon and Theodore are chipmunks! And unlike Chip and Dale, they are wackier and, well, disorganized and messy. But "Alvin and the Chipmunks" is a proof to the fact that, while they say one is good and two is better, three is a lot better.

I really had a good laugh when Alvin and his friends, Simon and Theodore, sang Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” at the beginning of the movie. Although the screen flashed names of Justin Long, Matthew Gray Grubler and Jesse McCartney as those who dubbed for the three chipmunks, it was still hard to tell whose voice was what chipmunk. But then again, Alvin and his gang are worth a laugh, although most movie critics had rather ill-rated this movie.

The three chipmunks are cute, but that’s just about it. I think every chipmunk is cute. A statement from one these little furry creatures made me think of researching, as he said “kid chipmunks are cared by their mothers for about a week, and are left to go out on their own after that period”. I’m not so certain though that those were the exact words. Yet it really urged me to research, maybe National Geographic can help. But I think it twice; the matter may not be so important.

So what’s important is that I enjoyed the movie. I had no one for company yesterday and it still felt like somebody close to me was laughing with me, and that it felt like I was with my friends where I can laugh without inhibitions. The sad thing about the movie though is that the ending was kind of hanging, or lacking something. It was devoid of something that will leave viewers remember the flick all too well.

Anyway, “The Chipmunk Song: Christmas Don’t Be Late” was a good one and the other songs rock, especially with the chipmunks giving it a good rocking like real rockstars, and with a very cute, sweet and loving Simon, you will get goosebumps—the good kind! I am not telling how the story goes, though. It’s up to you to find out. So watch the movie, and while critics rate this with D, I give this a B!

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t3ss4 said...

I have seen the movie too. It was fun, pero sa tingin ko hindi toh makakakuha ng malaking rating sa critics. The movie is fine, pero it just lacks more adventure or story line. Kulang. But I enjoyed the part when they sang at the beginning of the movie and when they sang "only you" and "funky town" in acapella. hehe. Totoo talaga yung nakakapanindig-balahibo . hehe.

Btw, san ka nanood? :)

Zang said...

that's true tessa. and i forgot, there was also "only you" pala. nakakatawa talaga. yes, it would have been better if there were more adventures.

i watched the movie at Gaisano mall, cinema 2, premiere, center column, third row, seat no 3... hahaha... detailed yan ha. i went to davao that time to get my Eon card at Unionbank in Victoria and I just thought I needed to treat myself with a movie. Although I know my sinehan sa Victoria, natakot ako baka mangyari sa akin ung nangyari sa one of the lecturers during our review for the nursing exam. hahaha..

t3ss4 said...

hahaha. detailed talaga ah :D hehehe. sa nccc mall ka manood next time para feel na feel mo ang lamig at gandang cinema :D hehe

bakit? anong nangyari sa instructor mo? medyo nakakatakot nga dun manood kasi wala masyadong tao. basin ti-unan ta ug kutsilyo dd2. hehe

Zang said...

ayoko na sa nccc cinema. maxado maginaw. ok lang kung naay uyab kauban unya unsaon taman, dugay na man way uyab. hahaha.

our instructor had a funny experience there in Victoria Plaza cinema. eh kasi bakla xa, may nakitabi sa kanya at nagpaparamdam... haha

t3ss4 said...

haha. I wonder what kind of "katabi" ghost ba yan or pa-ghost-ghost lang? hehehe.

magsama ka na "habol" para di ka ginawin :D uy! daghan baya gwapong mga salida :D lalo na kad2ng Wall.E :D excited na ko :D

Zang said...

lalaki gyud ang nitapad sa iya. hahaha...

may man ka kay dali ra ka kaadto sinehan. ako moadto pa ko davao makatan-aw lang sine. huhu. among siyudad pobre way sinehan

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