Busy and Confused

confused over many listsYou may, especially my blog's frequenters, have noticed that there have been no new posts for the past two days, and that there seemingly are no new somethings on this blog. Let me tell you why...

This week had rather been a busy one for me. No matter how I wanted to do a post or two for each day I can't seem to take the action. I always end up doing my Entrecard dropping pursuit, although I don't get to the 300 drops per day. Oh I guess I am just lazy. Plus I have also occupied myself with some Photoshop jobs for this blog and my other upcoming blogs in Wordpress. That's why I am lagging behind in posting. There are also hesitations when I try to do a post, mainly caused by my thinking a lot and weighing things over as to buying my own domain/s.

So I thought I will not put any post here yet, as I may be moving all the post here to a new blog in Wordpress. I wanted to completely relocate, and leave this myconsolingasylum.blogspot.com. I have also listed the possible domains that I want to buy in Wordpress, each one focusing on one general topic. I have come up with zangcaesar.com, zangonline.com, some dot coms for gays like me, for nurses, and a little more. I planned of moving all My Consoling Asylum's post to ZangCaesar.com, but then one thing struck me: it entails starting all over again, except the posts. The Alexa traffic rank (let alone the number of visitors each day), Technorati authority, incoming links, blog directories and more will start again at zero.

While I did not like the idea of having My Consoling Asylum (MCA) stay here at the Blogger platform, I reconsidered going to buy MyConsolingAsylum.com at this platform, as Blogger domain purchasing is way cheaper than that of Wordpress. I also took into consideration that I don't know how to redirect MCA's readers to ZangCaesar, and that if I buy the MyConsolingAsylum.com here in Blogger, Google itself will redirect it. Plus, I owe Blogger for its free hosting that I had this blog, which gives me achievement, self-fulfillment, and also money.

But this morning as I was decided to buy the new domain in Blogger, I am saddened that Blogger does not allow payment through PayPal, but credit cards. It's so sad as what I use is debit card (Visa Electron) and that it is still not added in PayPal for some reasons (not until this Sunday, though, I hope).

So you see, I am really confused now what to do. What domains to buy, what to purchase first and where to buy them. Wordpress sure is the best blog provider online but you have to pay $15 for the domain registration and another $15 for the CSS customization (this was only $10 before!). So it's $30, and I can afford it, but with Blogger's super-low $10, it gets me thinking twice. I have also looked into GoDaddy.com but I do not know so well how it operates and how will I do with it. So I dumped it...

I'm not a pro in all these internet stuffs, that's why I am this confused, so confused. Maybe, someone can help me decide... Mayday!

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joanjoyce said...

ay nako Zang, just buy a domain and install the wordpress for freeeeeeeeeeee.. gets mo? you don't need a $15 worth achuchuchu.. just look for a web host and pag may domain ka na you can see it in your control panel the wordpress installer pero better ask your webhost 1st if supported nila ang wordpress ok? :D

Pinay WAHM said...

Hey Zang....

Passing by here to wish you a great weekend! Ano plano natin sa weekend? Papalagay ng matris??? Lol....just kidding my friend.

Anyway, whatever it is you have planned this weekend....ENJOY!

Ate J

Zang said...

@ joanjoyce - i won't be needing the $15 to buy a domain? where can i get it, ate? please, i need suggestions. ende lang kasi ako ang bibili, pati bespren ko rin. niyaya ko kasing magblog na rin. tas ako na muna pababayarin niya (utang) coz la pa xang paypal. that's why doble ang confusion ko...

@ juliana - plano ko this weekend magmuni-muni about buying my own domain, where to buy, how... argh.. im really confused.

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