Bush's SONA, New England Patriots, Survivor, Wal-Mart, Britney Spears and Rudy Giuliani

What has all these names got to do with anyone or anything? What binds them in commonality? What do you think? Think. Think. Think.

Well, the one thing that binds them all as one is that they're dNeero's January end-of-month survey "In The News". That's all. Don't expect for something more, and if you like, you might as well take the survey yourself. Ha ha ha.

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Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Zang,

Thx for the visit. I couldn't agree more how rampant pill popping is in the US. It seems that anybody can just get those pills just for any reason.

Anyway, you asked what part of the world ako nakatira now? I'm in Florida, USA but so wanting to go home to the Phils for a visit...someday...

Thanks again..


Zang said...

wow... that's great. maybe u can help me get there one day to work as a nurse. hahaha... so you've been missing Phils badly? anyway, i have added you now to my blogroll. i hope i still have a spot in yours too!

Pinay WAHM said...

Hey...thx for the add...will add you to mine as well.

How I wish I can help you come here. Hayaan mo pag may recruitment agency na ko...I'll put you in the list first...haha.

Take care. I'll see you around!!!

Ate J

Zang said...

it's ok, te juliana. im not in a hurry pa din naman kasi to go abroad. parang mejo may takot pa akong mangibang bansa. not yet ready, in simple words

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