A beer-y good Pinoy's vitamin-packed beer wins Gold Medal

vitamin beer by filipino billy lalangWe always look at beers as detrimental to health, especially because almost always they are taken more than what is beneficial. But today, taking beer will no longer bring you the “guilt of drinking” as beers' reputation has just been uplifted by Billy L. Lalang's concoction of Vitamin-packed beer, which won the top prize at the International Federation of Inventors' Association in Bangkok, Thailand.

"If you are looking for an excuse to take a swig, this is it," said the Filipino inventor, the president of the Manila Innovation Development Society.

The beer is mixed with Vitamin B to replace this essential vitamin lost when excessive amounts of alcohol are consumed. Vitamin-enhanced beer that not only increases your nutrient intake but also eases hangovers.

During the exhibition of different inventions in the competition, the Vitamin-B beer was the favorite of the crowd, who made a bee-line to show interest.

Although yet to be marketed, this "prophylactic for drinkers" as the Philippine inventor calls it, has won a gold medal at the European Union-sponsored Genius-Europe competition.

However, while Malang claims it as an invention, there are repercussions that this is not at all new, as a brewer in Dallas has already created it two years ago and reports had it that it was also created by a Texas beer company.

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Leon said...

Awesome! Now guys will actually have an excuse to drink beer.

Zang said...

yes, this is really awesome! and those who did not at all fancy drinking beer (like me) can now get into it.

Makoy said...

congrats PR3 ka na!

Zang said...

PR3? hahaha.. eh zero kaya ako

t3ss4 said...

the pala-inoms and pala-hubogs will be very much happy about this. though I think it is still best to drink in moderation ^__^

Zang said...

t3ss4 - haha. i hope the taste is still the same with the usual beers so that the "palahubogs" will switch into this

Jhordan Kee said...

I can now drink and health at the same time. This is a nice and healthy idea.

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