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cute baby loveBabies are angels sent from heaven, that’s why they’re as cute as cherubim. The arrival of these cute little angels even heals pain and misunderstandings of the people around them. They’re more than a blessing; they’re God’s way of sending to us yet another reason to be gloriously happy.

I have little angels around me: a twenty-month old cousin, a two-year-old nephew by a cousin, and a nearly two-year-old niece, also from a cousin. And there’s another baby cousin coming. Oh how I love babies much! That is why when I have the chance, I tell their mothers to give them the best of health that they can get.

As a nurse, these mothers of theirs sometimes ask me about caring for a child, and most often the topic is on feeding. Of course, breastfeeding would be my answer and ultimate suggestion. The colostrum from the mother’s breastmilk provides immunity to the child that no other milk substitute can. Plus, breastfeeding promotes bonding to the mother and child, something that will have a significant effect on the child’s health.

But not all mothers can provide their babies with breastmilk for some reasons—sore nipples, engorged breasts, mastitis, among others. That’s why they retreat to using baby feeding bottle to do this. Bottle feeding, though a little inferior to breastfeeding, is still useful especially at times when nursing mothers can’t give them milk by breastfeeding. Mothers can also express milk from their breasts for bottle feeding for future use.

tommee tippee baby productsIf you’re a nursing mother, however you decide to feed your baby, there is a site that will help you better your baby feeding pursuits, and it’s Tommee Tippee.

baby feeding timeFor baby feeding, you can browse products for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, teats, sterilizing, and baby accessories.

weaning the babyIf you’re on the process on weaning your babies, you can search for useful bibs, cup drinking and tableware.

soothing the babyFor soothing your babies, there are also baby soothers and teethers in their product line-up, as well as nappy disposal, potty training and Easiseal for your baby changing activities.

changing time for babiesTommee Tippee also has baby monitors and thermometers to check on your baby while he or she is resting.

resting time for babiesBut that's not all. Tommee Tippee has a range of soft newborn toys, activity toys and bathtime toys that are designed to help your baby learn and explore his surroundings.

With Tommee Tippee as your baby-caring assistant, you definitely can't go wrong...

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Mckhoii said...

I love babies but i dont want to be assigned to the pedia ward... How i wish i have a baby of my own!

joanjoyce said...

i want a baby boy? any idea? lol

Zang said...

@ mckhoii - I so love babies, too and the only thing I hate about Pedia Ward (specifically in Davao Regional Hospital) are the "kutings"! In Tagalog, is it asungot? I'm not sure. In English, ticks? Whatever...

@ joanjoyce - how many is your children? positioning, perhaps, will affect the sex of the baby. LOL.

joanjoyce said...

isang girl pa lang :P

Zang said...

how old?, or how young, rather?

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