Almost banned in Entrecard, and yet I won 800 Entrecard credits!

The bad news first, although the good news was the one that really surprised me...

I went to check my email this morning and was so overwhelm with alerts coming from Entrecard. Some for advert approval, and mostly "message has arrived". I got separate messages from two authorities in Entrecard, one from Entrecard admin and one from Sweet Mummy Approved, as pictured below.

entrecard admin message (click on the image to enlarge)

Oops! I really didn't know that I had violated Entrecard's Terms of Service. I admit i didn't read it when I joined Entrecard. I mean who wants to read TOS's? To show you how I inadvertently committed a violation to their TOS, here's the culprit.

my entrecard widget look-a-alike in project wonderful
This was formerly the 125x125 image ad I use in Project Wonderful, and had only been in JoanJoyce's blog. Although yesterday I received a feedback from another Entrecarder how this caught his idea and how he admired this for being a brilliant idea, it got to the admin's attention and I was therefore sent a warning. It can only be either the admin saw it for themselves or the "admirer" reported it to them. Anyway, that's fixed now. I sent an apology to both of them and here's what Sweet Mummy Approved replied:

Thanks for taking care of that. (and for not biting my head off - some of the posts haven't been very nice lately...) That's an excellent way to deal with it. Cheers to you. I appreciate your honesty and the way you addressed this issue so much. Very professional, and I am impressed. Thanks.
Now, the good news:

This morning I was totally surprised to have read in my email that I had just been sent 800 credits. I wonder what about this matter. So I hurriedly checked my Entrecard, and there was JoeTech messaging me, with the words, as quoted:

Congrats! Someone clicked the Entrecard Slots widget on your site and won 200 credits. Then, he wrote a recommendation. Then he favorited me.

That's 200 times 2 for favoriting me and times 2 again for the recommendation for a total of 800 ec.

When someone wins more than 50 ec, you win the same amount. When that person doubles their winnings, they double your referral winnings, too. As such, I've sent you both 800 ec.


Although JoeTech already answered me several days ago about how his slot works if someone who clicked on his slot widget in my sidebar and that someone wins, I was kind of skeptical of his answer, until today when I finally won the same amount the winner got.

The only question now is that who could have been the winner? I want to thank him or her....

Update: He is John of JohnisFit. Thank you very much John for playing JoeTech's slot in my widget! You're one lucky person, and I have been one, too, because of you.

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5 comments Links to this post said...

John Is Fit won and made you a winner too.

Thanks for the post about it.

Zang said...

you're welcome, Joe! I must be the one thanking you for coming up with such wonderful inventions. I told you, you're not just clever. You're a genius!

john - from fat to fit said...

It's pretty cool, isn't it? When he told me he matched the prize for you too I thought that was awesome!

janus said...

what's entrecard's url? care for a link ex?

Zang said...

@ john - that was indeed awesome! it was a total surprise!

@ janus - and as for the exchange link, sure!

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