8 Ways to Promote Your Site Offline

Each and every site has one ultimate goal: that of driving visitors to have the posts or articles read. While we can consider the articles the heart of you blog, the traffic is its soul. Any site without—or with very less—amount of traffic can be considered very close to dying, or dead at all. It is from traffic that blog gets recognition, and it is from that that the posts become appreciated and commented.

There are various ways to promote your site online, but have you ever thought that you can as well get readers by promoting your site offline? Do not underestimate this kind of promotion as this will help in a way or another.

Here are some tips to promote your site offline:

1. Put a sticker that sports your site on your car’s windshield, in front, at the bumper, or at the back. For example, a sticker that says “I love www.mysite.com,” or “I [heart] www.meonline.com”. This will arouse curiosity among those who your car have passed by in the streets.

2. Have a shirt with prints that spell your site’s URL. As you wear it with confidence, people you’ve passed by in malls, markets, restaurants, among others, will be interested what’s in that site of yours that you flaunt it with such pride. Just wear the shirt in appropriate places to cause no trouble (as in formal places).

3. When sending letters or cards to friends or acquaintances, include your URL in the signature, or in the custom header if you letter had it.

4. Stick your personal belongings that have high tendencies of being borrowed or seen with your blog’s URL. Example, put a small sticker saying “I earn $$$ with www.me.com” to the pen you often use. If it got lost, the one who finds it is a potential visitor to your site.

5. If you own an internet cafĂ©, you can put a sticker containing your URL in a place where it is easily seen. You can also set your web browsers’ homepages to your URL. This is an offline promotion as you don’t really need to get online to do this.

6. If you don’t own an internet shop and yet you frequently visit them, you can as well set their homepages to your site. I have done this many times.

7. If your blog had posted an article that you find very interesting, you can message your friends and tell them to visit it, and leave comments too. I know not all of your offline friends frequent your blog but by doing this you can have them hooked, provided your articles are really up to their taste.

8. When applying for a job, include your URL in the resume, but make certain the posts in your site won’t turn off your employer, or you’ll mess up your application. Your employer may not be the only one to scrutinize your paper, therefore anyone who reviews your resume is a probable visitor. And who knows, your site might make an impression to your employer and help you smoothen your job application.

I hope this post have sparked in you the ideas that have not occurred to you as yet, as far as offline promotion is concerned, and I also do hope that when you do any, or all, of these, your traffic will increase.

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Weng said...

kuya paturo nman pano gwing homepage ang blogspot ko? di ko kasi alam pano gwin un eh.. saka pano po gwain un 3 column footer sa blogspot? ilang beses ko n kasi tinry pero mali2 lumalabas..tnx!

Zang Caesar said...

hi weng,

thanks for dropping by at my blog. what do u mean homepage? im quite confused. the three column footer is pre-made.. you just have to find a template that has it. it's really hard if you work it out on your own.. you have to find and try templates that offer such feature.

Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Zang,

Thanks for the visit. Yep, Easter is on the 23rd of next month ata. It's slowly creeping on us. My little one is excited about of course. That's the only way to remind me now na merong 'special' event...

Take care,

Ate J

mckhoii said...

Great tips Zang! Thanks much!


Anah said...


Great post! I love the sticker idea. Most pipol these days are into blogging din so it's easier. Anyway, have a good one. :)

Ingat lagi,

Ate Anah

Zang said...

@ pinaywahm - lapit na pala. dapat magpakaholy na... hehe

@ mckhoii - welcome, yots!

@ anah - i really think stickers are a good idea. one of these days when i will have my own domain magpapagawa ako ng sticks

bariles said...

thanks for these tips. i have long wanted to promote my site and this post is heaven-sent for a noobie like me. bog on!

Zang Caesar said...

bariles - i hope this will help you in promoting your blog offline

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