The Social Climbers

I thought it was over... but it's still on as it is not yet 12 noon here in the Philippines. So here goes my response to Reyna Elena's Social Climbing Contest. And this is how I vote for the social climbers.
1. Itot

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An Oyster Joke

oysterPolicemen were investigating the scene of the crime where a woman and a man lay dead on the bed in a room.

Policeman: What have caused these lovers’ death? Any suspect?

At this, the oysters in a plate in the bedside table got alarmed and talked to themselves.

Oyster 1: What do you reckon killed the girl?
Oyster 2: The bacteria in us.
Oyster 1: What?
Oyster 3: They ate us raw, man!
Oyster 1: So?
Oyster 2: She has liver disease and diabetes, and that Vibrio thing we carry...
Oyster 1: How about the man?
Oyster 3: It's the aphrodisiac. He had eaten a lot and I bet he couldn't stand the effect, got so stiff all his organs stopped working.

- The end -

While it is a fact that oysters are aphrodisiacs, these seafoods are also known to carry harmful bacteria, Vibrio vulnificus. These bacteria are naturally present in marine environments and at their highest levels in Gulf Coast waters and oysters, especially during the warm summer months, that every year, Californians face serious illness and death after consuming raw oysters from states bordering the Gulf of Mexico (Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas), thus called Gulf oysters.

BeOysterAware is one site that provides consumers the information about oysters and oyster recipes, and also the risk involved in eating them raw. The website is dedicated to educate the oyster consuming public by providing a detailed background on Vibrio vulnificus and the health conditions that are at-risk for this, and also present delicious oyster products with reduced risk for every consumer, including the at-risk, so everyone can eat savory oyster treats raw, steamed, fried, charbroiled, grilled….whatever your fancy, just BE OYSTER AWARE!

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Earth, Wind & Fire will groove in Manila and Cebu

earth wind and fireEarth, Wind & Fire, the most musically accomplished, critically acclaimed, and commercially popular funk bands of the ’70s, will be boogieing in Manila Hotel Tent, Manila Hotel on March 4, 2008 at 7:00 PM (with dinner) and 9:00 PM (without dinner) and in Cebu City Sports Center the following day at 8:00 PM with their “Let’s Groove the Night Away!” tour.

Among their popular songs are “Let’s Groove,” “September,” “Boogie Wonderland,” “Reasons,” “After the Love is Gone,” “Fantasy,” “Shining Star,” and “That’s the way of the World.”

Their songs offer uplifting, poetic lyrics with romantic and playful themes of universal brotherhood, spiritual enlightenment, and sentimental romance.

The group will feature Allan McKay on their tour.

Seat and prices for Manila Hotel concert are as follows:
  • Patron VIP with dinner (Free Seating) – P5,250
  • Patron A with dinner (Free Seating) - P 3,675
  • Patron B (Free Seating) - P2,100
For Cebu City Sports Center, the prices are the following:
  • Patron VIP - P4,200
  • Patron - P3,675
  • Lower Box - 2,835
  • Upper A - 1785
  • Upper B - 840
  • General Admission – 525
For Ticketnet reservation, click here.

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Let's be painting while aiming and shooting

paintball tournamentGet your gears on and prepare for a fun and un-deadly war… with paintball. Sure it hurts a little but with proper gears on, it’ll be more of the fun than the little thuds and heavy splashes of colors on your armors.

And as for the weapons, go get a gun like Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 Custom, Smart Parts Ion, and some spyder guns like Spyder Pilot ACS. There’s also DYE, Empire, JT USA, Ariakon, Halo, GXG, and Draxxus paintball gears and equipments. Ultimate Paintball has other discount paintball supplies and paintball accessories too, and recently, paintball grenades, vests and pistols have been added to their ever growing product line-up. They even have the killer paintball gun packages. And what’s nicer, they offer the best prices with free shipping.

If you’d buy me some of these equipments, I would say no to every challenge you have for me because it is really fun aiming and shooting while at the same time painting abstracts.

This post brought to you by Ultimate Pinball.
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8 Ways to Promote Your Site Offline

Each and every site has one ultimate goal: that of driving visitors to have the posts or articles read. While we can consider the articles the heart of you blog, the traffic is its soul. Any site without—or with very less—amount of traffic can be considered very close to dying, or dead at all. It is from traffic that blog gets recognition, and it is from that that the posts become appreciated and commented.

There are various ways to promote your site online, but have you ever thought that you can as well get readers by promoting your site offline? Do not underestimate this kind of promotion as this will help in a way or another.

Here are some tips to promote your site offline:

1. Put a sticker that sports your site on your car’s windshield, in front, at the bumper, or at the back. For example, a sticker that says “I love,” or “I [heart]”. This will arouse curiosity among those who your car have passed by in the streets.

2. Have a shirt with prints that spell your site’s URL. As you wear it with confidence, people you’ve passed by in malls, markets, restaurants, among others, will be interested what’s in that site of yours that you flaunt it with such pride. Just wear the shirt in appropriate places to cause no trouble (as in formal places).

3. When sending letters or cards to friends or acquaintances, include your URL in the signature, or in the custom header if you letter had it.

4. Stick your personal belongings that have high tendencies of being borrowed or seen with your blog’s URL. Example, put a small sticker saying “I earn $$$ with” to the pen you often use. If it got lost, the one who finds it is a potential visitor to your site.

5. If you own an internet cafĂ©, you can put a sticker containing your URL in a place where it is easily seen. You can also set your web browsers’ homepages to your URL. This is an offline promotion as you don’t really need to get online to do this.

6. If you don’t own an internet shop and yet you frequently visit them, you can as well set their homepages to your site. I have done this many times.

7. If your blog had posted an article that you find very interesting, you can message your friends and tell them to visit it, and leave comments too. I know not all of your offline friends frequent your blog but by doing this you can have them hooked, provided your articles are really up to their taste.

8. When applying for a job, include your URL in the resume, but make certain the posts in your site won’t turn off your employer, or you’ll mess up your application. Your employer may not be the only one to scrutinize your paper, therefore anyone who reviews your resume is a probable visitor. And who knows, your site might make an impression to your employer and help you smoothen your job application.

I hope this post have sparked in you the ideas that have not occurred to you as yet, as far as offline promotion is concerned, and I also do hope that when you do any, or all, of these, your traffic will increase.

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Lock your life!

lifelock identity theft protectionWhile we thought that only personal belongings can be stolen from us, our identity can also be stolen. Identity? Yes! There are thieves who lurk online who will use your identity to apply for credit on the web. How do they do this? I don’t know, I am not a thief! I can only guess, though, and my guess is that through some applications of the stealing sort will access your credit card or bank account information online, especially if you did transactions in sites that are not trusted.

Would you let this happen to you? No, the thieves could be raking large amounts of money that was yours. So if you think you're vulnerable for this, protect your identity now. Right now!

There are a lot of identity protection plans or programs offered on line, and these are secured ones, and like most purchases on the web, you can have discounts by providing them promotional codes.

When you use the promotional code RD32 you will receive the deepest discount available for new customers in LifeLock. This is an exclusive discount that no other LifeLock promotion codes offer.

To receive the discount with the LifeLock promotion code RD32, you must go to’s site and enter the codes when necessary, or you can click here. When you do the latter, the promo code will automatically be tagged to your enrollment application. If you want to enroll over the telephone (toll-free), you just have to mention the code RD32 to the operator to lock in your service at the discounted rate.

Below are screenshots comparing the discount that the RD32 LifeLock promotion code applies to your application vs. the other typical promo codes (click on images to enlarge).

RD32 is the only Authorized promo code to offer 30 Days Free and an exclusive discount.
lifelock code promotion, identity theft protection No other promotion code offers this exclusive discount.
lifelock code promotion, identity theft protection is the leader in identity theft prevention services. When you sign up now as a customer you will also receive the new WalletLock service for free. You can test Drive LifeLock and use the LifeLock coupon code RD32 to receive 30 days free and a $21 annual discount.

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Tag Tuesday: 8 Things and What does your birthdate mean?

I got tagged by JoanJoyce with this Birthdate Quiz, and I think it's cool to do this meme. I'd love to found out what Blogthings can say about my birthdate. So here's what it has to say:

birthday cakeMY BIRTHDATE: MAY 27

You are a spiritual soul - a person who tries to find meaning in everything. You spend a good amount of time meditating, trying to figure out life. Helping others is also important to you. You enjoy social activities with that goal. You are very generous and giving. Yet you expect very little in return.

Your strength: Getting along with anyone and everyone

Your weakness: Needing a good amount of downtime to recharge

Your power color: Cobalt blue

Your power symbol: Dove

Your power month: September

My reaction? Wow! I don't know how Blogthings did this but it's cool. Yes, I am a spiritual person and I spend a good amount of time trying to figure out life, but not so much with meditation. It's more of contemplation. Why, the moment I read cobalt blue as my power color I felt the "power" surging in me. Did you know that cobalt blue is one of the many aliases or code names I use? I am Caesar Balatero and when my chop that name it becomes CaBal and to make it sound cooler I put the "t", so it's CaBalt. That's how I came up with Cobalt Blue. This is amazing! You should try this quiz yourselves Mckhoii, Makoy, Anah, Juliana and Tessa. Go on, click here for the quiz!


8 THINGS is the title of another meme that JoanJoyce tagged me about. What you have to do is just answer or fill in the following entry titles.

8 Things I’m Passionate About

  • Writing novels and poems, Blogging, Texting, Sleeping, Watching TV, Singing, Shopping and Eating.
8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
  • Find a boyfriend (haha), businesses, publish my novels and poems, tour around the world, do extreme sports like bungee jumping, become a teacher (clinical instructor or a reviewer), gain weight to the normal, and become a fashion designer
8 Things I Say Often
  • haha, okay, char, mao ba? (is that so?), maayo (good), I wish, I can only guess and I'm not sure.
8 Books I’ve Read Recently
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (for the nth time), James Patterson's Honeymoon, HP and the Deathly Hallows, HP and the Half-blood Prince, some Goosebumps, HP and the Order of the Phoenix, some Scholastic's children's books and a lot more of Harry Potter
8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over
  • Bed by J. Holiday, Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie, Apologize by Timbaland featuring One Republic, Sweetest Girl by Wyclef Jean, Pictures of You by The Last Goodnight, Never Gonna Let You Go by Faith Evans, So Close by Jon McLaughlin and
8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends
  • someone who understands, someone who values the essence of time, someone who listens, someone who trusts me, somebody who is dependable, someone who cracks jokes, someone who appreciates me, and someone who accepts me with who I am and who I can't be
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Baby Love

cute baby loveBabies are angels sent from heaven, that’s why they’re as cute as cherubim. The arrival of these cute little angels even heals pain and misunderstandings of the people around them. They’re more than a blessing; they’re God’s way of sending to us yet another reason to be gloriously happy.

I have little angels around me: a twenty-month old cousin, a two-year-old nephew by a cousin, and a nearly two-year-old niece, also from a cousin. And there’s another baby cousin coming. Oh how I love babies much! That is why when I have the chance, I tell their mothers to give them the best of health that they can get.

As a nurse, these mothers of theirs sometimes ask me about caring for a child, and most often the topic is on feeding. Of course, breastfeeding would be my answer and ultimate suggestion. The colostrum from the mother’s breastmilk provides immunity to the child that no other milk substitute can. Plus, breastfeeding promotes bonding to the mother and child, something that will have a significant effect on the child’s health.

But not all mothers can provide their babies with breastmilk for some reasons—sore nipples, engorged breasts, mastitis, among others. That’s why they retreat to using baby feeding bottle to do this. Bottle feeding, though a little inferior to breastfeeding, is still useful especially at times when nursing mothers can’t give them milk by breastfeeding. Mothers can also express milk from their breasts for bottle feeding for future use.

tommee tippee baby productsIf you’re a nursing mother, however you decide to feed your baby, there is a site that will help you better your baby feeding pursuits, and it’s Tommee Tippee.

baby feeding timeFor baby feeding, you can browse products for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, teats, sterilizing, and baby accessories.

weaning the babyIf you’re on the process on weaning your babies, you can search for useful bibs, cup drinking and tableware.

soothing the babyFor soothing your babies, there are also baby soothers and teethers in their product line-up, as well as nappy disposal, potty training and Easiseal for your baby changing activities.

changing time for babiesTommee Tippee also has baby monitors and thermometers to check on your baby while he or she is resting.

resting time for babiesBut that's not all. Tommee Tippee has a range of soft newborn toys, activity toys and bathtime toys that are designed to help your baby learn and explore his surroundings.

With Tommee Tippee as your baby-caring assistant, you definitely can't go wrong...

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Mandy Moore live at Eastwood City

mandy moore live in eastwood city quezon city philippinesI thought it was a joke, or a mere speculation, but yes, Mandy Moore is coming back to enchant her Filipino fans with her dazzling voice and songs.

Mandy Moore is known for her hits such as “I Wanna Be With You”, “Cry”, “Someday We’ll Know”, “Crush”, “Seventeen”, “Pennies in My Pocket”, “Moonshadow” and Extraordinary (from her latest album, Wild Hope, released in 2007), among others. She also appeared in movies such as “A Walk to Remember” opposite Shane West, “The Princess Diaries”, “Saved!”, and “Because I Said So”.

For only a night at Eastwood Central Plaza, Eastwood City in Libis, Quezon City, Mandy’s concert starts 7:30 PM on March 12, 2008.

The American singer, songwriter and actress also had her major concert in the Philippines five years ago.

Tickets are available at Eastwood City’s Customer Information Center. Ticket prices are as follows: P 3,500, P 3,000, and P 2,500. For details and reservations, you can call the information booth at (02)6871499.

For sponsors and media partners, please see image (click to enlarge).

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About my money, and yours too

bunch or wads of moneyTo some, love is what makes the world go round. But for some more, money is what makes the world go round. Whichever is the case for you, I'd go with both. Though I can't live my life to the fullest without both, I can live with a little love but not so much with little money.

Don't get me wrong; I am not greedy. In fact, I now know how to handle my finances very well, unlike in the past in which I would spend so much in a day without thinking of tomorrow. One day millionaire, I guess that's the best term to describe it. It's about my money, but it could be about your money too.

If there's a chance to save money, do it! If you can have clothes and things of good quality in their cheap prices, buy them. Buy more on sale days than otherwise. Monitor your credit cards regularly and do not overspend with it. If you're planning to get car insurance, compare them and go for the cheap yet reliable ones. If you're up for home insurance, study and compare home insurance quotes. Save on gas on doing these by searching online. There are many on the web, like in AboutYourMoney. They showcase different areas on finances and financial management to help you decide on whatever it is that you're planning.

about your moneyWhether you're looking for a 0% interest free, cash back, bad credit or business credit card you'll find the best offers there and you can even apply directly now. If it's about your car, you can compare the best car insurance quotes available in the UK, find the cheapest cover for your car and save with the right deal in minutes. They will help you search the leading car insurance providers around for a car insurance quote that provides you with quality cover for less. And if it's about home, you can find the best deal on your building and contents insurance in minutes with them. They list top online deals from the best house insurance providers so that finding the right cover for your home is simple and cheap.

It's really all about your money, whatever it is that you have in mind financial-wise, and AboutYourMoney cares about your money! That's why it exists to aid customers find the best deals and save on them, because saving is living and surviving.

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And this year's Oscar award goes to...

oscar awards golden trophyThe academy that pays honor to movies every year has given once again its golden trophies of a man to those who deserve it most in each category, and in case you missed the 80th Annual Oscar Academy Awards show, here are some, if not all, of the most important facts about the awarding ceremony:

The show's host was Jon Stewart, who also was the 78th Annual Oscar's host. He opened the show with a wisecrack: "These past three and a half months have been very tough. The town was torn apart by a bitter writer's strike, but I'm happy to say that the fight is over. So tonight, welcome to the makeup sex."

And the winners are:

ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE: Daniel Day-Lewis, of "There Will Be Blood"

ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE: Javier Bardem, of "No Country for Old Men"

ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE: Marion Cotillard, of "La Vie En Rose"

ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE: Tilda Swinton, of "Michael CLayton"


ART DIRECTION: "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street"

CINEMATOGRAPHY: "There Will Be Blood"

COSTUME DESIGN: "Elizabeth: The Golden Age"

DIRECTING: "No Country for Old Men"

DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: "Taxi to the Dark Side"


FILM EDITING: "The Bourne Ultimatum"

FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM: "The Counterfeiters"

MAKEUP: "La Vie En Rose"

MUSIC (Score): "Atonement"

MUSIC (Song): "Falling Slowly", of "Once"

BEST PICTURE: "No Country for Old Men"

SHORT FILM (Animated): "Peter and the Wolf"

SHORT FILM (Live Action): "Le Mozart of Pickpockets"

SOUND EDITING: "The Bourne Ultimatum"

SOUND MIXING: "The Bourne Ultimatum"

VISUAL EFFECTS: "The Golden Compass"

WRITING (Adapted Screenplay): "No Country for Old Men"

WRITING (Original Screenplay): "Juno"

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Mindcracking Monday Monster #3: Winning the Lottery

lotteryIt's Monday once again, so it's time to slay another Mindcracking Monday Monster again. This logic quiz is again calling you to play by numbers baby, but in a different way than the previous two monsters.

As usual, 250 Entrecard credits is to be given away to the one who answers this one first, and another 100 Entrecard credits to whoever wins the raffle, and the entries to this raffle are no other than those who participates in this quiz, by way of their posted-as-comment attempts to give the answer, whether right or wrong.

Are you ready to slay this Monday's number monster? Warm up and put on your thinking caps!

Here's the quiz:

Mr. Richard Richards is known to be the richest man in their village, but he thinks that there are a lot more money in the world and he still hasn't got them. In the hope of raking a big amount of money, he bought a lottery ticket and to his enormous surprise, he won the lottery, with a prize bigger than Robert and Tanya Harris's of Georgia. Guess how much Mr. Richards has won.

US$ _ _ _, _ _ _, _ _ _, _ _ _, _ _ _.00

The clues:
1. As figured above, his winning is 15-digit.
2. The cents' and dimes' places are already filled out.
3. Four zeros digits are strategically placed in the last blanks in four of the five three-digit separations.
4. The first digit from the left is not similar with the first digit in the right.
5. All numbers from 0 - 9 exist in Mr. Richards's winning.
6. The fourth digit from the left is similar with the fifth digit from the right, and this number is one less than the sixth digit from the right.
7. The seventh digit from the left is the sum of the penultimate and third digits from the right.
8. The fifth digit from the left is similar with the first digit from the left.
9. The seventh and eighth digits from the right equals to 5, with one of them three greater than the other.
10. When all three digits in each comma separation are added, here are the sums:
  • first three from the left = 5
  • first three from the right = 15
  • second three from the left = 8
  • second three from the right = 11
  • center three = 14
  • 11. When all digits are added, they equal to 53.

    Once you have your answer, enter it as comment, in digit form and also in words. Let's see how well you can put it into words.

    So there you have it! Answer this one immediately before anyone does, and be this week's (Week 3) Mindcracking Monday Master and get a free advert on my sidebar for two weeks, like the one you see now.

    Don't forget to subscribe to us to get the latest MMM, and that's every Monday!

    (I am calling on Gautam Hans of MonetizeUrWebsite to give us his Entrecard user id so I can give him his 350 credits for winning both last week's MMM and raffle. I can't find your profile in EC man, I'm sorry. Your prize is just waiting for you, nonetheless.)

    (Updated: This quiz is still MMM Week 4's quiz. New prizes, as stated in the update, apply.)

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    Fly me to New Zealand, please!

    Now that I am a newly registered nurse, care to treat me for a trip overseas, anyone? New Zealand would be great! True, I hadn’t watched any Lord of the Rings movie, nor read its books but I love Narnia! And it so happens that New Zealand, where the magnificent Lord of the Rings scenery is located, is also the place where most of the scenes of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe were filmed. Oh I have always dreamed of going to any of Oceania’s countries.

    Assuming you grant my request, it would be great to phone DialAFlight, the leading independent UK travel company, to book the trip, as their flights to New Zealand are so affordable. See, treating me for a trip to New Zealand wouldn’t be so much of a burden. At DialAFlight site’s you can search for flights, hotels, car rentals and many travel ideas as weekend breaks, beach holidays, spa holidays and much more.

    Booking with DialAFlight is easy: clients will have to call and speak with one of their UK travel consultants, who will ensure that all requirements are fulfilled so that every client is ensured to have the holiday the way they exactly want it.

    New Zealand beaches, hot springs, ski resorts, walking trails, vineyards, lakes, whales and dolphins, here I come! I just need someone to take me there. Ha ha…

    This post brought to you by DialAFlight.

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    A Gratiturium of a Newly Registered Nurse

    poem of gratitude

    Gratiturium – (noun, singular) an official list of the people that one wants to thank or extend gratitude to, especially during moments of success and joy. Gratituria, plural.

    Go gather your Merriam-Webster or Oxford dictionaries and you might as well react that gratiturium is not a word. Well, it really is not! I just coined the word as I reckon no better words—not even acknowledgment or thanksgiving—than that can actually fit to the meaning to what I dearly feel as of the moment. The word acknowledgment isn't just enough; for me it only means acknowledging or determining, while thanksgiving is the act of giving thanks. I mean, is there any word that means “an official list of the people to be thanked for”? I guess there isn't. So I coined the word, and trust me, the word might be used by someone one of these days. I hope. (If some authors made it before, then why can't I?)

    Anyway, this gratiturium is in lieu with my passing the December 2007 Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam yesterday. If not with these people, I wouldn't be a Registered Nurse now...

    To my Papa, who, no matter how tired and challenging his job may be, still works just so to support me in school and during my reviews, that no matter how stressed he may get he pursues to work hard. The lines on your face may tell your age but your love for me knows no age.

    To my Mama, whose prayers at night are very fervent, whose love for me is so deep no ocean can level and whose perseverance and sacrifice I have always depended (she washes my clothes, does many things to me more than any caring mothers do).

    To my sister, Christina,who has been patient all the time and not complaining from all our parents' insufficiencies to her schooling because of my Nursing endeavor, who has been obedient with my pleas and requests, and who has been so industrious at doing the household chores every day. Don't worry sis, once I get a job I will be the one to support you to your studies all the way to your graduation. That's the best I can do.

    To my brother, who strives to help Papa support me financially during my review. Our parents may be unfair for giving their attention more to my studies than yours and sister's but you (including sister) did not look at it that way. I will try my best to live up to all your expectations.

    To my grandparents, whose faith in me during their living days did not at all falter, and instead have grown stronger with time. I offer you this success of mine, my ever wonderful ascendants. I promise I will make our clan honorable and proud.

    To my uncle Edgar for informing me, five years ago, about the scholarship offered by the city government. If it weren't for that scholarship, I wouldn't have become a registered nurse now. And also to my aunt Nita, his wife, for accompanying me years back in smoothing my family's BIR tax exemption, which was a requirement for the scholarship.

    To Alphie, a very generous friend of mine, for helping me out financially during the most crucial times on my review course and for being always there to give me support and love, for being such a good friend from the start. (Wow, I can never imagine how long we've been friends already; I know it's only online but it matters a lot to me.)

    To my friends Joyce, Tessa, Mckhoii, Gretchen, Zyra, Alex, Lani, and Princess for the inspiration and happiness.You've been so great guys! I had wonderful times with you. They may not last physically for ever but the memories will.

    To Papa Doods and Mama Daads (Aunt Eva) of St. Luke's Dormitory, for providing us every day sumptuous foods for our nourishment, for waking up very early during the licensure examination days so that we have something to bring to eat at our testing centers, and also for being our second parents while away from our families.

    To St. Luke's Dormitory, for the warmth and coolness you provide us every day while away from our origin cities. We had so many experiences there.

    To my school, St. Mary's College of Tagum City, and its administration and staff, especially the Nursing program, for honing me not only to become a nurse but as an integral person. My spirituality could not have been any stronger if not with the Marian community.

    To my classmates, for all the times we shared—good or bad, in joys and sorrows.

    To St. Jude Thaddeus, my generous patron, for being my intercessor, along with Mother Mary, so that my prayers to God were reinforced.

    And last but not the least, to God Almighty, whose love is the greatest, deepest and sincerest. You love me for who I am and who I can't be. The glory is yours forever, and I will always offer you my every success and failure, for your greater glory...

    (Picture courtesy of Srichinmoypoetry)

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    Cost-cutting on furniture purchase? Let CostCutters do it!

    Furnitures do not only add life and look on the interior of any house, office, building, or any establishment; they also add comfort and relaxation. And chairs, lockers and desks, like any other furniture, ought to live up to those benefits mentioned.

    cost cutters home office and school furnituresWe often have the notion that the best home furnishings are those tagged with prices in luxury range, but that shouldn't be the case, as we can cut the cost but not its quality. And that is exactly what CostCutters does. Its high-end furnitures are world-class, with prices that are oh so budget-friendly. They specialize in the provision of tables, chairs and storage and lead the way with new and innovative products all the time to meet the customers' needs.

    Among its top sellers are their mobile stacking shelves, locker desk, weather play rug, posture perfect chairs, polypropylene chairs, triple bay tray units, dividers and admiral table and chair sets. And these are not all they can boost. They have a wide range of home, school and office furnishings that are to sure to not only catch your eye but as well as pamper you by providing practical benefits, without compromising anything, neither comfort nor budget.

    CostCutters has a lot more to offer, with affordable prices mainly in British pounds. All their furnitures have 5 year-guarantee and they offer 30-day credit account.

    Meanwhile, here is a snapshot of some of their great offers and more, like classroom chairs and office desks, if you visit them now.

    home office and school furnitures
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    I am now an R.N.: Registered... Ninja!

    nurse's cap and stethoscopeFebruary 20 -- Rumors were flying that that day would be the moment the results of the December 2007 Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam would come out, and there were even tellings-off that only 24% passed. And there were a lot more stories... only to find out we had spent the whole day with our heartbeats racing.

    I closely watched all morning for any news pertaining to the results and was totally surprised to have read Inquirer's news about the "real" exam result. I texted all my co-examinees about it, although some of them retorted it might just be one more of the rumors already flying.

    "This is Inquirer, and they can't just publish any news without being credible and reliable. This has to be it!" I replied.

    Ate Merlyn, a classmate of mine and an optometrist, called me that the Top Ten were already aired in the radio, as told to her by an acquaintance of hers who happened to have tuned in to that radio. She wouldn't believe it, as she had the conviction someone from our school, at least one, would make it to the top. Ha ha.

    But then when I came back at PinoyBsn's site, I found out that there was already a post about the passing rates (percentage) of Nursing schools, and also the topnotchers, and so I was really eagerly waiting for the list of successful examinees.

    "Guys, the letter A passers are already posted!" is what I shouted as a text message to everyone in my phonebook who I knew took the test, and I was not able to send it to them all, as my eyes fell on something surprising as I refreshed the page.

    "I passed!" were the words I sent to them all as the complete list of passers was already posted.

    I couldn't be any happier today.I am now an R.N., a Registered Ninja! Just kidding. I am now a Registered Nurse. W00t! Thanks God! My efforts and prayers have paid off.

    I was really trembling when I searched for my name, but yes, I found it. Not that I doubt that I would pass it. Yeah, you can find my name Balatero, Caesar Galagar here.

    For the complete list of results, visit Pinoy BSN.

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    Mindcracking Monday Master for Week 2

    This Monday's eight-legged monster has already been slayed, for not longer than an hour while it was busy knitting brains. I guess the monster wasn't strong enough to boggle our Mindcracking Monday Monster fans.

    So who slayed it first? Who won the 250 Entrecard credits? Who won the raffle?

    Heidi, who killed our first Monster, got the right answer again, and so is Turnip. But Gautam Hans beat them by time. They all got it right, but only Gautam wins the 250 credits, as he was the first one to give it right.

    And as for the raffle, here were the entries:

    #1 - Gautam Hans
    #2 - Turnip
    #3 - Heidi

    And here's the screenshot of the number randomly drawn by
    Entry #1 won the raffle, and its Gautam Hans once again. So Gautam will receive not only 250 Entrecard credits but also 100 credits. So that's 350 credits.

    Congratulations Gautam! You're so lucky! I tried visiting your blog to inform you about this but I can't find any link to comment there. If you make a post about this contest, how easy this is, how often this is done, what are the prizes... you'll get 50 credits more. So 350 and 50, you add! That's a lot easier than slaying the Monster! Tell your friends about this and how you became this week's (Week 2) Mindcracking Monday Master.

    Please also provide me with your 125 x 125 image ad so I can put it in my sidebar, next to Heidi's ShopDogDiaries.

    Don't forget to come back here every Monday for the Monster, all you MMM fans!

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