The year that was... (another meme)

Got tagged by Kuya Makoy several days back; actually it was a meme. Therefore I am obliged (am I really?) to do my own. The post is to summarize all the significant events that befell last year, but should be based on your blog's postings. Since my blog started September of last year, I still will include the preceding months but, of course, not based on the blog! And instead of doing the list on a quarterly basis, I'd do it monthly, but I'd try to keep it short as possible.

  • nothing so interesting happened except the usual hospital duties I had back then, whether in-town or out-of-town

  • got a new digital camera towards the end of the month


  • still the boring life at school

  • no Valentine for a date


  • graduated at last in BSN course, cum laude

  • completed my DR/OR cases


  • took the summer to relax

  • broke-up with my someone
  • oh I turned 21, and it only reminded me I am getting older

  • volunteered for NAMFREL in our diocese



  • had all my DR/OR cases all signed by signatories, ready to apply at PRC


  • I started my blog with my very first post My Asylum, a poem

  • had hard time coping in the world of blogging
  • moved to Davao City for the extensive review for the board exam




That's it! Those are the significant events that happened last year as far as I can remember. So now I am tagging all these people and come on do yours too:

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monaco said...

congrats, cum laude ka pala! astig!

Zang said...

kala ko nga di n ako masasali sa gnayan eh. may grade kasi ako na below sa cut-off, i had an 84 in one of my nursing subjects, 85 kasi pang cum laude. buti nlang iiconvert pa pala ang 84 kasi sa Nursing namin based 40 o 50 ba yun, di ko na maalala, basta kung kung zero ka sa quiz o exam 40 o 50 equivalent nun out of 100. ang institutional grading kasi namin is based 70 ata, hayun kinonvert kasi unfair daw sa Nursing pag maglilist na ng academic awardees.. pero sa transcript, ung 84 pa rin ang lalabas.

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