Win a Ruff PC by Helping John Chow Win It

I hope the title doesn't sound ridiculous. Okay, let me rephrase the Win-a-Ruff-PC-by-Helping-John-Chow-Win-It into Help John Chow Win the Ruff PC So You May Win It. John Chow is one of those shortlisted to win that "rough" PC by TheThinkingBlog PC Giveaway Contest, and he is generous enough to be bequeathing the PC to the lucky person who helped vote him if he wins it, instead of taking it for himself. Well, I say he doesn't need something like this to be won as he himself can buy it; he has all the money in the world, hasn't he? The contest ends on January 4th. Go, vote for him (although it appears that he has the most votes already).

To vote, click on his name on the widget below, and you might as well post it to your blog and tell your friends about it. If John Chow doesn't win it, then there's no Ruff PC up for grab for us. Vote for him now, did I just say it?

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