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My uncle and aunt have this one billiard table positioned outside our house for rental purposes, especially because our home is just few steps away from a school so you'd really expect that because they only have one billiard table, the students would really flock and wait for their turns to play.

Although I can play billiard at will on times that the table is vacant, I never had so much time practicing my playing skills. But I must tell you that once I had been an addict of playing billiard online, and still I do play sometimes. It is so much easier and a more enjoyable to be competing with another player online, and it was actually through online pool that I knew how the game is played; there's the 8 ball, which what I always play, and the 9 ball.

The goal for me then was to gain points, which you would be so wise to collect to get a good amount of it to go to tournaments and win cash prizes. I never had gone to such, although I really wished. But if you want to play pool for free or for real money against people all over the world and improve your skills, then you should experience the magic in pool with BilliardMagic. It is a multi-language site that offers 8-Ball Pool and 9-Ball Pool games, and also snooker. A luscious green for a backdrop makes it so cool and refreshing to play the game, which you can install right away if you click the “play now” button. They offer technical support for your concerns and with online tournaments you can treat your pockets with winnings.

So why play elsewhere when here's a good site to cap them all? Just believe in magic, and you will magicking your way to be the next online pool star.

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