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technically easy

Yesterday, I checked who just linked to me upon seeing my Technorati authority went up a notch or two and was totally surprised to have seen that Technically Easy posted a full, comprehensive review about my blog.

Reading the review, I have learned many things about what the author did not like about my site, which might also be the things that can make the readers turned off. But Technically Easy so far has rated my blog as above average, as justified by these categorical ratings:
  • Design = 3.5 stars

  • Focus = 3.5 stars
  • Content = 4 stars
  • Spelling and Grammar = 3.5 stars
  • OVERALL = 3.5 stars
Not bad, eh? This is My Consoling Asylum's first time to be reviewed fully and comprehensively. I really did not know what came to the TE's author to have chosen this blog as one of the subjects for his blog reviews, a pursuit he so willingly does without payment but the mere thank you's from the blogs he reviewed. I guess he finds it amusing to be examining blogs that caught his attention, and I can assume that my blog did caught his attention.

Technically Easy just reminds me of the plan I had before: that of reviewing blogs that amuse me and had me reading with interest. There was many, but I don't know where to start and I fear I might not make the review as brilliantly as Technically Easy just did.

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joanjoyce said...

o yung puter mo daw malaki at yung kulay ng mga alpabeto don ay bughaw hehehe tinagalog ko para di nya maunawaan tawa tawa tawa pero pasado pa din yun ang mahalaga..

congrats po renato! hagikgik hagikgik hagikgik!

Zang said...

di ko naintindihan. anong puter? at anong kulay ng alpabeto don?

joanjoyce said...

footer and font mo don daw diba sabi :D

Leon said...

That's a fairly good rating. Could be worse.

Zang said...

@ joanjoyce - ah, footer. ginawa mo kasing puter, ayan nalito ako.

@ leon - yeah, FAIR.

Tessa said...

wow... ok rin yung mareview yung blog ano :) para meh pointers ka kung san ang kelangan iimprove. swerte ka Zang at napili ka ng author :) sana ako rin mareview :D

Anonymous said...

congrats on the rating that you got. I wish he'd review my site as well.

Zang said...

@ tessa - correct ka jan. now i know what to do to improve my blog, especially with the design. tinatamad na kasi akong pakialaman pa yun. hehe

@ monaco - ewan ko nga ba sa kanya, di ko inakalang may magrereview ng blog ko. hahaha

Anah said...


Ang galing naman! That was a fairly good rating. Sana ako din ma review pero di muna ngayon hehe. Anyway, salamat sa birthday greetings ha. I'm sorry about your relatives at Belated Happy Birthday pala sa Dad mo. O ingat lagi at God Bless You!



Zang said...

you're always welcome ate, and thanks for dropping by my blog once again. i hope u had a very nice birthday, and i hope u had fun.

How to said...

great post thanks

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