Rehab me! I'm an addict...

drug rehabilitationOh, well, the truth is I am not, and the title was just to catch your attention, and I hope it did. Oh come on, let's face it, one out of ten or fifteen among my site's visitors may have once in their life they had tried illegal drugs, and that one of twenty who actually reads this post may have been addicted to it in the past or had undergone drug rehab once. I can only guess, though.

Drug addiction, if not on the topmost spot of this world's problems, has spawned and wrapped its dark tentacles on the lives of the many people nowadays. Regardless of race, age, sex, social status or citizenship, it continues to abominably affect the lives of the society. Drug addiction can be attributed to numerous factors, the most common of them the peer pressure, mere curiosity, and lack of parent's guidance or a pathologic family. It is sad that most of today's crime and irregularities are drug-related.

I must say I am lucky to have not succumb to the cruel hands of drug addiction, and have always been too wise to always think that it will do me no good. But what if one in your family is actually suffering from this kind of addiction? What would you do? What do you think is the best thing to do?

Of course, there's always the drug rehab. I think it is the best option there is. But finding the best rehab center for an addict's drug treatment may not be as easy as finding the speaker's port in the computer. There's got to be that only port where that speaker will fit. Similarly, a person who is for drug rehab needs the best place for him to completely heal.

Consider as they will assist you in sorting through the literally thousands of drug rehab treatment programs and available facilities to help you and your family select the most effective treatment for you or your loved ones, at no cost. You can even get information in their site about drug substances and what they do to the body and they also offer free drug and alcohol assessment. And once you know what surely may be best for you, they can refer you or your loved ones to the most proper drug rehab center.

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MONACO said...

tried drugs when I was younger out of curiosity only. that was it.

Zang said...

wow! that's so nice of you to be so honest to admit it. i appreciate your bravery so much, monaco.

Anah said...

hi, thanks sa visit! I'm one of those ppl na di pa na try ang illegal drugs, over counter drugs yes haha! So I can be proud to tell my daughter someday that nada never try any. I was curious when I was in college pero hanggang inuman lang but my nanay's sacrifices is powerful enuf to stop myself from doing it. Good post though. Have a good one! :)

Zang said...

thanks for commenting anah... it was, and still is, a good decision to never have tried it. it won't do us any good.

John said...

I used illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine, LSD, and ecstasy socially for almost 20 years. It was sort of a special occasion party type thing for me. I would use once a month or so just to have a good time, and it was never a problem. Then about 4 years ago, I smoked ice for the first time. One day soon after, I woke up and realized I was hooked. I kept telling myself "I'm just going through a phase, it'll pass". I was just lying to myself. After a couple of years, my family decided to intervene. I never stole from them, I never got arrested, but they knew something was up because of the massive weight loss, weird hours, and sometimes erratic behavior. They sat me down, and made me face what I already knew to be true: I was an addict! A very good friend of mine, who had been through the same thing, found out what I was doing, and put my parents in touch with someone at Narconon Arrowhead I went to Oklahoma and did the program. I'm happy to report that I've been clean for over a year now. I no longer play with fire by "socially" using drugs.

Zang said...

hi john. it's great to hear you are now drug-free. that needs a celebration, doesn't it?

Drug and Alcohol Rehabiltation said...

Certainly with more cocaine treatment we have a better chance of helping people who are addicted to cocaine.

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