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thiefWe can always think that only personal material belongings can be stolen from us. But did you know your identity can also be taken away from you and be used to the thief's advantage? Well my friend Makoy recently posted his rant on how his log-in information in a poll site has been hacked, disabling him to sign in at that site. It's good that that was the only matter stolen, but what if it involved his personal information regarding money, especially credit cards?

Well yes, this happens online. As a matter of fact there are many thieves lurking (or crawling, that is) on the web. These thieves will use your identity to apply for credit online. So if you think you're too vulnerable for this, especially when you do transactions in internet cafes and not your personal computer, you need to have LoudSiren, which by it's name alone will really alarm you “loudly” if your identity has been stolen. It will protect consumers and lenders from all forms of identity theft. It can block impostors as the bank will note “fraud alert” to the phone number issued by LoudSiren (Debix) Identity Protection and directly will call that number to confirm that it's really you who are doing the transaction. If not, you can immediately reject the credit request and stop the fraudulent act before anything is taken or credited to you.

If you do a lot of online transactions that involve large amount of cash and significant submissions of your identity and you think you can become a victim (well everybody can), and even if you think you do them very securely, it would be better to start protecting your identity with Loudsiren Identity Protection before it's too late. The thieves can be raking money credited to you and that's really awful.

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sUmMeR said...

I have experienced before that someone stole my picture on friendster. How did I found out? Inisearch ko ung name ko sa friendster, then nakita ko na lang ung picture ko sa ibang profile and ginamit pa ang 1st name ko! :s I really felt bad after that. Good thing nadelete na ung account kasi inireport ko sa friendster.

The internet is really not a safe place. It's a good thing they have that kind of software. Sa credit cards lang ba yan applicable?

Btw, I have tagged you. Check me blug ;))

Anonymous said...

interesting post zang. though my identity has never been stolen online, my credit card was compromised though an online purchase two years ago. medyo malaki yung amounts involved but I refused to pay the card company since they weren't mine. I've learned my lesson since then.

Zang said...

@ summer - the one who stole your pictures could either be envious sa iyo or trip lang talaga niya. ako nga may naggagrab ng pics ko sa friendster, but not in a bad way. kasi inadmire na yun kaya ginrab niya. tumaba tuloy puso ko. thanks for the tag!

@ monaco - that must have been really awful.

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