Pay-Per-Play Ads: A New Way to Earn Money Online

headset, audio adsLately in the PinoyBlogosphere group there has been a post emailed to the group members which spoke about pay per play ads. I got curious and so I signed up immediately. The very good thing about this advertising entity is that publishers earn by impressions to their sites, and no actual clicks needed. So basically this is contrary to the usual pay-per-click ads and publishers earn bucks every time their website is seen. This breakthrough technology has the potential to produce massive residual income as traffic is the primary criterion. So if your blog or website sports a good amount of traffic on a regular basis, then these web audio ads might earn you a lot.

These pay-per-play ads usually only will work in English-speaking sites, as most of the audio ads are English. Those who are interested to venture into advertising their site, product or services online they can choose on the net several audio ads hosting. There are those that are cheap, low-cost and affordable. Okay, they're synonymous. I was just trying to say that you need not choose the expensive hostings. What for when you can have the cheap ones, anyway?

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Dexter said...

Will this really work? Is there any review that this will really work and will pay?

Zang said...

i guess it will. it's a new breakthrough in internet marketing. we have to wait and see.

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